Professional Identity of the Nurse Leader

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Core Clinical Objectives Plan Resources
Core Clinical Objective #1-

Create a safe and effective care environment for clients and health care personnel

Providing and being able to direct care to patients. While implementing proper PPE attire for nurses and other health care personnel. Discussing techniques on how to have proper time management for a new BSN nurse. Infection Control Nurse
Core Clinical Objective #2-

Integrate knowledge of expected growth and development, health promotion, and prevention strategies to achieve optimal health.

Listen to an interdisciplinary team meeting with all departments involved with communication of achieve goals and optimal health benefits.

The leader needs to be encourage teamwork. A team is composed of great talent, each one of the team members has great and different convictions, opinions and ideas that need to be listened to help achieve optimal health. The diverse experience in the team will bring diversity and through such expertise the team will feel engaged in the activities. By contributing their thoughts, the team members can bear some responsibility to the expected outcomes.

Social Services
Core Clinical Objective #3-

Provide nursing care that promotes and supports psychosocial well-being.

Being able to recognize verbal and non-verbal psychosocial well-being. Communication with interactive skills to show support and empathy in different situations. Being an advocate for patients if unable to communicate needs.

Performance by the nurses can be influenced by their mental healthiness. Therefore, development of programs that support mental well-being will be prioritized. The approach may include implementing policies that promote psychosocial healthiness and support the information systems by facilitating research and evidence for mental well-being.

Nurses who may be troubled by psychosocial complications will be provided with the appropriate care. Care will be facilitated through social support, socio-economic enablement, and mental healthiness interventions at work.

Social Services
Core Clinical Objective #4-

Promote physiologic integrity by providing care and comfort, reducing risk potential and managing health alterations.

Being able to discuss concerns and needs of the hospital/unit. Integrate new policy that promotes and protects patient’s rights and needs. Advocating for change, sponsoring and being a change agent in supporting initiatives targeted at reducing the exposure of nurses and patients to risks.

Agitating for more resources to be provided by the authorities to cater for health changes that may arise. Communicating expected changes to all parties and encouraging them to support the alterations for better patient care and comfort.

Organizational policy
Core Clinical Objective #5-

Develop professional nursing identity and clinical judgement.

Using skills and knowledge to be able to assess patient needs and be able to establish nursing assignments based off patient needs and skill level. Being a nurse leader delegating tasks to other nurse and/or staff members. Cycle of Clinical Judgement
Core Clinical Objective #6-

Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care incorporating data from healthcare technologies to improve client care, as part of the interdisciplinary health care team.

Providing education and learning to new employees to be very successful from the beginning and utilizing continuing education classes and learning modules to current employees. Learning is a lifelong process.

The contemporary society is characterized by adverse happenings that constantly affect the quality of care. Measures should be put in place to minimize the effects of such occurrences. The goal can be realized by identifying precarious circumstances and addressing any system defects.

The objective can be further supported by prioritizing safety by way of attending to patient and staff fears, promoting a culture of safety, supporting efforts to enhance safety, and checking on the progress of these actions.

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