Assigned Breastfeeding Barrier Scenario Recommendations

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Low breast milk production is one of the most common complaints among mothers with newborn babies. A general recommendation is to abstain from smoking during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as this behavior can lead to various problems in children: from breathing problems to sudden infant death syndrome1. That is why this barrier was set for the patient, given her long history of smoking. Although the woman claims that lactation has decreased due to this barrier, several reasons and recommendations exist to continue the current course of action.

First, as mentioned above, smoking while breastfeeding is a potentially dangerous activity that can develop many diseases in the newborn. Therefore, a woman needs to be guided by the child’s interests and health, using them to keep herself from smoking. Secondly, overcoming this barrier during pregnancy is the easiest option. Research has shown that breastfeeding promotes the production of specific prolactin and endogenous opioids1. Their presence in the body reduces withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to quit smoking. Additional products, such as nicotine patches, can also be made easier. Specialized services can also be used to tackle the smoke-free barrier. For example, accessing websites such as Smokefree or using the NHS hotline can help her get additional support2. Since the process of quitting smoking is challenging, a person needs all the support they can get, from hotline consultations to medication.

Finally, a woman’s complaint may not be triggered by a cigarette smoking barrier, which allows shifting the focus of attention to the actual problem of low breastmilk production. According to statistics, most women produce about 30 percent more milk than their children drink3. In fact, cases of actual underproduction are extremely rare, but cases of inappropriate breastfeeding can lead to an apparent lack of milk. Thus, the patient should also check her order of actions during breastfeeding and whether her algorithm corresponds to the recommended one. She can increase milk production in several ways, such as avoiding skipping breastfeeding sessions to keep her milk supply.


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