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The health care industry has to adjust and modify its requirements, corporate environment, and employees’ attitudes towards their work constantly as it always faces fresh and significant challenges in its conditions. In this regard, nurses need to be acutely conscious of their inner essence and outer preferences, especially when it comes to the responsibility of treating patients or cooperating with clients. Therefore, this paper aims at discussing the critical areas of focus, namely, professional presence, personality preferences, mindfulness practice, and healing environments, by analyzing my internal and external worlds and creating my professional presence plan.

Professional Presence

Discussion of the Differences between Two Models

The central difference between physical-body and body-mind-spirit models is that the former are concentrated on treating only the body, while the latter emphasizes the importance of interventions in mind and spirit as well (“Body/mind/spirit,” n.d.). For example, the physical-body approach prescribes only particular drugs and, in some cases, physical exercises. At the same time, the second can also comprise such practices as meditation and pray, indicating that they facilitate relieving stress, which relaxes the nervous system and reduces the adverse influence of stress hormones, including dexamethasone.

Differences between the Physical-Body Model and my Professional Presence

Primarily, the physical-body approach differs from my professional presence in that this model focuses entirely on the functionality of the natural part of an individual’s entity. However, in my firm conviction, medicine should take into account all three components of the individual’s well-being, namely, body, mind, and spirit. In addition, adepts of the physical-body model are mostly inclined to severely criticize and, sometimes, condemn alternative medicine, despite that this treatment shows practical and useful results without significant physical interventions.

My Professional Presence in my Nursing Practice

My professional presence is considerably contributing to my everyday nursing practice by promoting my relationship with clients and helping me meet their expectations and demands. I fully recognize that, in critical situations, patients and their families need diligent attention and attendance since they are most vulnerable during challenging times. Besides, self-awareness aids me in controlling my negative feelings and thoughts during adverse conditions and responds to them adequately, prompting me that poise is required in any situation.

My Professional Presence in my Nursing Practice
Figure 1. My Professional Presence in my Nursing Practice

Personality Preferences

My Preferences and Relationships, Favorite Activities, and Career Choices

After taking the Jung personality test, I have revealed that I am an INTJ that stands for Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging. First, the test states that my distinctive feature is self-confidence derived from the field of specialized knowledge. Due to this trait, I can positively determine whether I can help somebody, which is true because I hate deceiving people in their expectations. Additionally, self-confidence helps me take responsibility independently in the area of activity, namely, both in sports collective games and work. In particular, I do not mind being a captain of a football team and consider the possibility of becoming a manager in some medical facility or, at least, a physician in the future. Finally, the test also indicates that I try to promote a comfortable conversation without arrogance and excessive formality and prefer to have several closest friends who can be my relatives or colleagues. Indeed, this result is consistent with my preference since the circle of my friends is limited, and I enjoy the pleasant and calm talk.

In addition, it has been indicated that I possess perfectionism reasonably restrained by pragmatism in cases where it is necessary to abandon the further pursuit of my intentions or goals. This statement is aligned with my opinion about myself since I am always interested in completing any work I start and try to succeed in any business, especially when it will benefit me or others. However, I was deeply surprised when I discovered occupations and areas that match me, technical in particular. Indeed, I can somehow imagine myself in management, but not in sciences and engineering.

Two Potential Challenges that Could Be Minimized through Self-Awareness

An independent mind free from the limitations of the convention, authority, and other judgment may become a significant barrier to the development of close and active relationships between my colleagues and me. Due to self-awareness, I can detect moments that lead to the appearance of tense situations and conflicts and try to adjust my attitude towards an individual appropriately, thereby facilitating efficient communication. The absence of a desire to consider the opinions of other people may also hinder productive decision-making. The impact of such an uncompromising attitude can be minimized by a conscious focus on the result.

Mindfulness Practice

Two Specific Goals for Each of the Four Aspects

Physical Body

First of all, I will do weightlifting twice a week with an experienced instructor. Between workouts, I will also take long walks with a duration of one or two hours. In addition to improving physical health and strengthening my body characteristics, this helps me to enhance my confidence, determination, and will.

Vital/ Rhythmic

For one or two months, I will perform eight exercises of 3 sets each. Later, I will increase the week number of my workouts to 3 times, doing eight-ten exercises of 4 sets each.

Mental/ Emotional Body

First, I will pay careful attention to my thoughts and feeling and keep a diary to note them. Besides, I will attempt to find somebody who can be my friend so that I can share and discuss my thoughts and feelings.

Biographical/ Spiritual Body

Since I have never been interested in any religion, I will try to choose and practice some faith that can satisfy my spiritual demands and address my internal conflicts. In addition, I will find the most critical inner fear and try to overcome it.

How to Achieve the Goals

To attain the goals indicated above, I, first, will determine specific days and hours when I can attend the sports hall and design a suitable timetable to organize my daily activities accordingly. Additionally, I will attentively watch over the state of the body, especially the nervous system, not to feel exhausted and depressed. In case of fatigue, I will reduce my physical load and adjust it to a comfortable level. I will allocate half an hour in the evening to write down my notes. Concerning seeking a friend, I will try to be thoughtful and intent, taking into consideration an individual’s deeds, not his or her words. Finally, to surmount my fear, I will try not to avoid situations and conditions that are connected with this fear. While seeking religion, I will also consider the picture comprehensively by identifying and analyzing its central statements, criteria, principles, and representatives.

Healing Environment

Optimal Healing Environments

The two healthcare facilities that attract my attention are Mayo Clinic and Hennepin County Medical Center. Both hospitals offer all necessary programs and services in the treatment of a broad specter of diseases and help patients and their families throughout patient presence in the facility. These services generally range from addressing the physical side effects of treatment to an individual’s emotional status. Moreover, their interiors are calm and elegant and meet the latest requirements and recommendations of the WHO. Finally, they have an impressive and respectable appearance that inspires confidence and hope for a quick and successful recovery.

Application of Self-Awareness and Insights

Primarily, self-awareness and related insights assist me in focusing on the formation of robust relationships with patients and clients, that is, the ability to communicate. According to Shirey (2017), people-focused leadership provides enhanced nurse and patient satisfaction, which, in turn, fosters better productivity of the facility. Moreover, self-awareness promotes my confidence in making critical decisions by helping me consider all details and possible consequences and take into account the views and recommendations of all colleagues.


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