What It Takes to Become a Successful Nurse?

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To become a good and successful nurse, it is crucial to know some details of this profession. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of somebasicskills and concepts of nursing. Also, I will explain how I envision using the practices and information I learned in my future nursing practice and what steps I will take to ensure my success in the master’s program.

Roles of Advanced Practice Nursing

Advanced practice nurses have many roles and functions in a clinical setting, and there is a list of those that appear to me the most interesting. The first is performing physical, psychological, developmental, and functional diagnostics, tests, and exams (“Advanced practice nursing fact sheet,” 2019). The second is ordering lab tests and then interpreting their results. Finally, providing consultations to patients who have yet to choose a course of action.

Value of Mastered Prepared Nurses

Researches note that it is important that nurses continue studying and get mastered prepared. According to Clark, Casey, and Morris (2015), “nurses who engage in postgraduate studyare more likely to have improved critical thinking and decision-making skills” (p. 328). They usually showgood leadership qualities and have the necessary skills for advanced clinical practice roles. Mastered prepared nurses are ready to challenge poor practice and are better in communicating with the patients.

Importance of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Evidence-based practice is a decision-making clinical process whenmedics use research-based and theory-derived knowledge to prove their choicesin care delivery.

According to some researchers, evidence-based practice “encourages nurses to provide individualized patient care” (“Why is evidence-based,” 2018, para. 2). It is essential for nursesto build evidence-based knowledge as they keep a promise of continuous learning, can improve outcomesof patients, provide high-quality care, and eliminate some practices that are no longer effective.


To draw a conclusion, I can say that learning these practices and gaining these skills is rather important for my future nursing practice. Knowing this information will definitely help me avoid many mistakes, concentrate on the right things, treat patients well, and understand my mission as a nurse. Realizing the value of Mastered prepared nurses, I am sure that I will enter the master’s program. To be successful in it, I will make some steps like readingserious books about nursing, interviewing the nurses I know and asking them about the difficulties of this profession, and learning about some unusual situations in nursing.


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