Professions of Database Design, Integration and Management

Discuss the professions involved in database design, integration, and management. Include who the major stakeholders are and who you’d like to work with and why?

At first, the answer to the question may seem obvious, because any uninformed person would say that professions connected with databases (DBs) are DB developers and DB administrator. However, further research on the matter suggests that there are at least seven more specializations that work in this sphere. In addition to the two professions listed above, Coronel and Morris (2019) mention DB designers, DB analysts, DB architects, DB consultants, DB security officers, cloud computing data architects, and data scientists.

While all of the professions are crucial for developing databases, they specialize in different matters and are vital in various spheres. Some of them are involved in routine tasks such as creating, maintaining, and managing databases, while others help companies leverage database technologies and analyze large amounts of various data. As a practical and creative person, I would like to work with database designers to structure the accumulated data for everyday use.

The major stakeholders are data scientists and DB analysts, as they are the driving force of the progress in the matter. At the same, people receiving benefits from well-organized databases range from top managers to frontline workers, as DBs help to acquire accurate, relevant, and timely information. However, it mostly depends on the management if the efficient databases are implemented in the work process.


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