QSEN Competencies and Safety Lessons: Personal Review

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As a student nurse, I learned a lesson related to safety that it is necessary to demonstrate effective use of strategies to decrease the risk of harm to patients or yourself. It is also important to communicate observations and concerns to families and healthcare staff. Related to patient-centered care, I learned that the patient’s values, preferences, and expressed needs must be identified during the clinical interview, the implementation of the treatment plan, and care assessment (“QSEN Competencies,” n.d.). Within the framework of teamwork and collaboration, it is necessary to work competently within your practice framework as a medical team member and initiate requests for assistance when necessary (“QSEN Competencies,” n.d.). Evidence-based practice (EBP) teaches to base an individualized care plan based on patient values, clinical experience, and evidence, and value the need to improve clinical practice based on new knowledge continually (“QSEN Competencies,” n.d.). Related to quality improvement (QI), it is necessary to use quality metrics to understand performance. As far as informatics is concerned, it is essential to recognize the need to strive for lifelong learning in information technology.

From the video “Housekeeping Safety Risks,” I learned the lesson that housekeeping staff needs to put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before entering a patient’s room. During the cleaning of a patient’s room, PPE reduces the risk of infection. In this video, the worker did not do this, which could lead to his illness and an increase in its number among patients. Housekeeping staff should ensure that the broom does not touch the patient’s bed, linen, and IV. An important safety lesson learned from the “Fall Prevention” video is that the bell, walker, and urinal must be easily accessible for the patient. In this episode, they were not available, which could lead to the patient trying to reach them and getting injured.


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