Screening Tools Used for Assessing Substance Abuse

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Alcohol and drug screening

AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test), is a screening tool that is heavily effective in the identification of heavy consumption of alcohol among women who are not pregnant. It consists of around 10 questions that are related to the harmful consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, TCUDS 11(Texas Christian University Drug Screen 11) is a self-administered substance screening tool that requires 5-10 minutes to complete. It is mainly used in the settings of criminal justice, and the reliability is mainly on females.


TWEAK is a screening tool that mainly identifies pregnant women with a great risk for the consumption of alcohol. It has a 7 point scoring system that mainly consists of five items. Two points are given for positive responses in the first of the two questions asked, which are worry and tolerance, with one point being awarded to the other positive responses from the other three questions. A cut-off of a score of 2 indicates that the risk of drinking is high.


T-ACE is a screening tool that is mainly used for detecting heavy consumption of alcohol in pregnant women. It uses the A, C and E questions from CAGE and adds another one on tolerance for alcohol. The first assessment will be on tolerance, by asking whether it will take more than the norm to get high. 2 points are scored for two or more drinks, with the rest scoring one point for a ‘yes’ answer. The scores are from 0 to 5, with a score above two demonstrating risk drinking.