“Sico” Documentary: Main Claims

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In the documentary Sico, Michael Moore makes four major claims regarding the existing health system of the USA. First of all, it is the low effectiveness of the approach, regardless of high spending or attention devoted to it; second, Moore states that National Health Service (NHS) would be more effective than the existing one; third, Moore says that for both Americans with insurance and those who do not have it National Health Service is not able to function effectively; finally, he assumes that health insurance companies are created with the primary aim to generate profit but not to protect citizens and guarantee high quality of life (Moore, 2007).

Speaking about the third claim, the director offers an example of a man who lost the tops of his two fingers. He was provided with the choice to have surgery on the first or second finger for the price of $60,000 and $12,000 (Moore, 2007). It means that the patient had to decide which part of his body to lose because of the critical imperfection of the existing system and its inability to cover all spending needed to preserve the high quality of people’s life.

Discussing the second claim, it should be said that Moore is right when speaking that NHS is a better option to provide health services to the nation. In many other places, such as England or France, it works appropriately, and people do not have to spend thousands of dollars on insurance or extremely costly services. Instead, they are treated for free in accordance with the basic rules of the existing approach. For this reason, the system utilized in other countries seems a better choice for America, which nowadays suffers from many imperfections of its own perspective on healthcare.


Moore, M. (Director). (2007). Sico [Motion picture]. The USA: Lionsgate.