Socializing With Colleagues: Better Learning Environment for Nurses

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Socialization with colleagues means the development of effective professional networks of peers who can provide guidance and support for each other in a certain field. Socializing is extremely important in nursing because nurses usually cooperate in teams during their shifts, and they also develop as professionals when collaborating and communicating with other nurses (Huston, 2019). A better learning environment can be created if nurses who have different experiences in their profession can share their knowledge and serve as role models for younger or less qualified employees (Mariet, 2016). Therefore, when young or new nurses join the nursing staff in a hospital, they become part of the orientation program and work under the supervision of an experienced nurse. This approach allows for creating a learning environment for new nurses who can contact their supervisor any time in order to receive answers to all the questions.

When nurses work in their units for a long time, they do not stop communication within their teams because it is necessary to continue sharing guidance and knowledge. Still, it is important to remember that professional socialization with colleagues differs from personal socialization in terms of goals and activities (Mariet, 2016). When socializing with friends, nurses do not expect to receive important professional assistance. However, the purpose of interacting in the workplace is to resolve practical issues that are experienced every day and receive some piece advice from more knowledgeable colleagues. As a result of such contacts, it is possible to achieve the improvement of care for patients. Furthermore, it is important to note that positive communication with colleagues also contributes to decreasing stress levels and increasing commitment and job satisfaction in nurses.


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