The Affordable Care Act Governing Health Care Management

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The Affordable Care Act is one of the most effective laws governing health care management in the United States of America. The act deals with the funding and spending docket as well as the delivery of healthcare services to the public. President Obama signed the Act into law in March 2010 after the 11th United States Congress enacted it.

The main issues that affect the ministry of health in America and probably the rest of the world include access to healthcare and health insurance coverage. The affordable care act of 2010 presents the American government and the healthcare industry with an opportune chance to resolve the matters.

Through the affordable care act, people who were not able to acquire health cover insurance in the past are now insured under affordable covers. The Act covers two major sections including patient protection and health care and education reconciliation. The education segment of the affordable care act helps inform the public of the vitality of having an insurance cover. On the other hand, the act ensures that all Americans have access to health services regardless of their status.

In this course, the act compels both the private and public segments of health to offer reasonable deals to patients. For example, the private sector must provide a reasonable and clear explanation for increasing insurance costs. The act contains ten segments that guide and protects the patient, the workers, and the institutions thus making it the number one law in propagating improved health care.