The Attainment of Nursing Certification

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Literature review is an essential part of any work. Whitehead and colleagues (2019) studied factors that make nursing certification attractive for those who undertake this qualification. In their study, the authors examined 41 articles to measure the value of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, that is to say personal and professional gains they get from certification. The results showed that the main intrinsic gains were “feeling of personal accomplishment, […] personal satisfaction, and specialized knowledge”. Among extrinsic values, “recognition from peers, […] health professionals, and employers” were named as the main factors that make certification attractive (Boyle & Thompson, 2020, p. 231). Salary issues were found irrelevant with regard to certification process.

Whitehead’s article plays a central role in the author’s literature review since it allows to make a conclusion as to what measures should be undertaken to spur the attainment of nursing certification by medical workers. According to the study, organizational leaders should boost recognition on the part of patients and colleagues to make certification more attractive. What was interesting about the literature review section is that it was found out that in majority of the participants, the feeling of recognition and personal accomplishment outweighed salary increase and personal gain.

There are several successful strategies that the author uses to create a successful literature review. First of all, he clearly determines the research question and looks for those sources that may provide some answers to it. Secondly, he clearly states the research methods used by researches in their articles and the results they got. Finally, he makes a brief summary of these results and makes a conclusion as to how they can be used for his own study. All these techniques are valid and useful for creating a good literary review.

A review of the literature in a scientific work is necessary in order to show the experience of the author’s predecessors and to identify gaps in the study of the chosen topic. In addition, the purpose of the literature review is to ensure that the author is able to contribute and multiply scientific knowledge on an urgent problem. A scientific review of the literature on the research topic is necessary to:

  • analyze the available materials and form a new approach to the problem;
  • verify the results and conclusions based on the results of one’s own research;
  • demonstrate the difference between the author’s research and already published works,
  • substantiate the significance of the problem;
  • identify the main research methods used to study the problem.


Boyle, D. K., & Thompson, S. A. (2020). CMSRNs’ continuing competence methods and perceived value of certification: a Descriptive study. Medsurg Nursing, 29(4), 229-254.