The Birth of Jesus: The Risks and Protective Factors to Infant Development

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Infant advancement happens as a continuous natural and mental cycle impacted by the climate, guardians, local area, and society. The key risk factors known to influence infant or toddler development might be extensively gathered into those influencing the climate where the infant and family reside, frequently named the social determinants of wellbeing (Hutchison, 2019). The protective components are those that encourage strength and permit children to conquer difficulty. These include breastfeeding and great sustenance, perfect and safe living spaces, sustaining conditions, and healthy guardians (Hutchison, 2019).

Mary and Joseph did not have the option to get a comfortable living place; thus, they needed to remain stable. The stable was also utilized to house domestic animals (American Bible Society, 2000). Mary conceived Jesus in the room where animal managers could be found. As a result, the sanitary and safety conditions during the delivery of Jesus were compromised following the conventional standards.

In addition, essential protective elements comprise mothers with excellent home conditions and good birth weight, and critical danger factors entail poor maternal wellbeing and emotional wellness issues (Hutchison, 2019). Mary faced many stressful situations since society did not accept her and expelled her from her hometown. (American Bible Society, 2000). She had no support except Joseph; hence, her emotional state was likely to be unstable.

The Jesus of history was an offspring of a Jewish family living under an unfair system. He was introduced to a family living away from home, and his family escaped from a ruler who tried to kill him since he represented a political danger (American Bible Society, 2000). Therefore, according to the Bible, Jesus, as an infant, experienced many risks and few protective factors that are essential in the current notions of childbirth and development.


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