The Bullying Aspect of Workplace Violence in Nursing

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The article suggested for consideration deals with the topic of workplace violence in healthcare on the whole, and bullying in the sphere of nursing in particular. In this work, Johnston et al. (2009) touch upon the issues of importance of fighting workplace violence, the effects bullying has on nurses and the success of nursing practices, and the theories that explain bullying behaviors in the workplace (pp. 288 – 289). Finally, Johnston et al. (2009) provide historical background to the issue and support their arguments with specific research-based quantitative evidence (p. 291).

Thus, one can see that the article by Johnston et al. (2009) provides a full and comprehensive account of the topic of bullying in the sphere of nursing. Accordingly, it is difficult to identify any questions left unanswered by the discussed article. Apart from presenting the issues, their origins, and today’s level of development, Johnston et al. (2009) also provide theoretical explanations and practical recommendations for all the groups of people involved in or affected by, bullying. Therefore, the problem is discussed and the ways to solve it are suggested, which is the largest task an article can fulfill.

Drawing from this, the article by Johnston et al. (2009) is a highly recommended reading for students just starting up their nursing practices as well as for those who already have considerable experience. The major reason to recommend the work by Johnston et al. (2009) is that this article is a complete piece of skillful research writing, because it not only describes the issue but also suggests practical solutions for all the groups of people affected by it in their nursing practice.


Johnston, M. et al. (2009). The Bullying Aspect of Workplace Violence in Nursing. Critical Care Nurse, 32(4), 287 – 295.