What Is the American Nurse Association?

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The American Nurse Association is a specialized organization, which was originally created to prevent incompetence among nurses and currently it promotes nurses’ interests, proves their worth, raises their education standards, and protects patients. ANA’s primary goals include professional practice and excellence, health and public policy, knowledge, and research. As a result, it sets standards of practice, protects its members at the federal and state levels, and promotes the profession.

ANA successfully upholds high professional nursing standards through the code of ethics, standards, and professional development, such as appraisals and continuing education. The Nursing Code of Ethics contains the ethical obligations of every person who embarks on the path of nursing care and concern. Among the standards created by the ANA, there are 23 current regulations, which determine the social policy of the nurse (Aguirre, 2020). This association engages in policy by creating a variety of laws, including the Nursing Reinvestment Act, which provides federal funding for training and scholarships (Aguirre, 2020). In addition, ANA covers nursing work through the media, television, radio, and famous magazines (Aguirre, 2020). In this way, it successfully promotes the profession among the population.

To conclude, ANA undoubtedly promotes the profession, sets standards of practice, and protects its members at various government levels. It is essential to be part of the ANA or other professional specialized organizations because more nurses give the association additional authority when speaking before Congress and other regulatory bodies. It allows nurses to be part of a voice in professional decisions and guide health policy rather than react to it. Apart from it, it provides excellent opportunities for free continuing education and networking with nurses around the country.


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