The Burn Scars Physical Treatment Options

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Johns Hopkins Clinic suggests that a multidisciplinary team is the best type of team to treat burn victims. Thus, it is worth mentioning that the clinic has world-renowned nurses and physical therapists who provide professional assistance to people who have received scars (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2019). This is related to rehabilitation counseling in the aspect that their requirements and what they want to achieve are discussed with the patient. This is important to understand since Johns Hopkins Medicine’s video (2019) notes that previously the clinic had no opportunities other than a massage in order to get rid of scars and burns. However, now technologies are being used that can significantly affect the reduction of the external manifestation of burns.

Many people, after getting injured, face various depressive and adverse conditions associated with the inability to accept their bodies anymore. The patient in the video claims that she could not contact friends and family because of visible scars from burns (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2019). This led to the woman’s inability to perceive her appearance, which affected her closed, introverted, and depressed state. Pronounced short-term psychotic states are recorded in the acute period of trauma in many burn patients. Their leading causes were a complex of factors: the area and depth of the burns, the stage of the disease, as well as age, and various social factors. In order to help patients overcome the problems that have arisen, it is necessary to provide them with specialist support. These psychotherapists and psychologists will be able to supply clients with new life values and develop a program for a gradual return to normal life.

Shriner’s Hospital

Burn Treatment Options

The Shriner’s Hospital site presents three main methods of treatment related to Burn care. The first is “Surgical Reconstruction”, which is to improve the appearance of the place where the burn scars are located. There are several types of surgical interventions that depend on the extent of the injuries (Shriner’s Hospital, 2021). Among them, the following methods presented on the website should be highlighted: Reconstructive surgery, Skin grafting, Tissue expanders, Tissue transfer or flaps, and Laser treatment.

Subsequently, Compression therapy is highlighted, which compresses the bulges of burns and improves their appearance. This is done through the use of special custom clothing, which is selected individually for each child (Shriner’s Hospital, 2021). This type of treatment is used when skin grafting or long-term treatment is required. Alternative options within this type of treatment are the use of massage and other methods that allow the specialist to soften and align the scar tissue (Shriner’s Hospital, 2021). The last indicated treatment option is Occupational and Physical Therapy, which consists in working with the child on the ability to perform habitual activities. This aspect expresses support for children at all stages of their rehabilitation. In this case, special attention is paid to the injuries that affect how the patient feels physically (Shriner’s Hospital, 2021). Accordingly, the necessary assistance is manifested in restoring the body’s functionality and in psychological support for overcoming difficulties.

Rehabilitation Concepts

The main concepts presented on the site are physical, occupational and speech therapy. Each of them has its own characteristics that allow specialists to focus on the treatment of the child based on their situation and needs. The site can be considered quite helpful both for medical professionals and for parents whose children have suffered various injuries. This is manifested due to the fact that the site presents various aspects concerning Burn Care is (Shriner’s Hospital, 2021). Thus, everyone can get acquainted with the signs, as well as various approaches to the treatment of burn scars. It is also important from a psychological point of view, as parents and children are motivated to return to their usual way of life. In addition, various approaches and concepts to treatment are demonstrated on the site to improve the understanding of medical workers about the treatment of burns. For a more detailed and professional acquaintance, the hospital has a database with research that will help delve into this topic more.


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