The Controversial Issues About Providing the Health Care Services to Everyone in the USA

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Being one of the most developed countries in the world, it is a shame that America has not been able to provide quality healthcare equally to all its citizens. Everyone has the right to quality healthcare access at any time. However, the provision of healthcare access to the poor and those with pre-existing conditions is a good move because they are ensured of healthcare accessibility without which they may not last long. Nevertheless, there should be no discrimination but equal access to healthcare facilities with the pre-conditioned patients being provided with special healthcare programs. I think the U.S., being the industrialized nation it is; should set a good example for other nations especially the developing ones on quality and equal healthcare provision. As a person willing to get into healthcare provision as a profession, the state of health accessibility would affect me to the extent of changing my career because after all, I will not be able to help everyone as I intended. This is because of the high costs of medical care in hospitals both the public and the private ones. Therefore, no matter how much I will be willing to help everyone, I will not be able to do so due to the large amounts of funds they are required to pay in order to get the medical services. On the other hand, I would be more willing to do everything I can to change the situation. I would be more motivated to get into the field from where I would find all opportunities to help those who cannot afford medical services or even advocate for improved accessibility of healthcare services to all. The most effective, however, would be the motivation to be in a position to help those who have not been able to access healthcare services.

It is so definite that the U.S. healthcare programs are to be reformed. With the World Health Organization ranking the system of healthcare provided in the U.S at the last positions, the general quality and performance of healthcare provisions in America need to be improved. Even though the U.S spends high amounts of funds on healthcare compared to other developed and wealthy nations, its infant mortality rates are always increasing as well as a reduction in life expectancy (Greenspun, 2009, p. 1). These poor results are associated with the high costs of accessing healthcare which leaves low-income earners unable to pay for the services leading to increased deaths especially in children who require special healthcare attention. Health insurance programs in the U.S. have not been easily accessed by quite a large number of Americans as well, a situation which has also contributed to the inaccessibility of healthcare.

What America needs is to reform its healthcare programs by making some changes in the field. The first and important move would diversify the national residents who can access healthcare services. This could be done by increasing the accessibility of health insurance programs both by private and public companies. The provision of a wide range of health practitioners can be of good help because patients will never lack someone to attend to them especially during emergencies. Apart from the general health care providers, accessibility to specialists should be improved to ensure better and professional care for those specific and very vital health conditions. The best way for all these changes to be effective to the population is through reduction of health care costs by the government and above all quality health care should not be compromised (Santiago, 2009, p. 1).

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