The Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Persuasion

Introduction and Background Information

Attraction is a key factor in any business or social relationship. This accrues from the notion pegged to attractiveness and persuasion. Although numerous researches undertaken posit that attractive presenters seem to be more persuasive as opposed to unattractive or un-pictured presenters, the question on the impact attractiveness on persuasion remains unclear. The factors mediating to this notion still raise concern on supporting arguments. Subsequently, the prevalence of models of physical attractiveness in persuasion has been applied to find out the factors behind the positive correlation in attractions and persuasion.

Many factors determine individual effective impressions on people, products, and sites. This research comes at a time adverting, promotion, presentation and sexual relationships among others have a major influence in lives of many individuals today. As such, this paper advances to investigate the effects of physical attractiveness on persuasion narrowing down to variables that indicate physical attractiveness on persuasion. This will involve and intensive and extensive research on existing literature about theories and notions of physical attraction to persuasion.

The paper will determine the levels of physical attraction to a number of variables. This will include sexual relationship, physical features, and presenters’ dressing.

From a general point of view, opposite sex attract, while the world pictures beautiful women as attractive based on their face and figure and men are viewed attractive based on how well their body is built. Again, tall men are considered attractive. Attractiveness also comes with appropriateness in dressing at the time of persuasion. Appropriate dressing has to rhyme with the physical body for one to be attractive.


Hypothesis 1: Since opposite sex attract, an attractive male easily persuades a female. On the other hand, an attractive female easily persuades a male. This is not the case for the same sex. As such, the researcher takes the hypothesis that physical attractiveness has a strong positive correlation of persuasion to the opposite sex than similar sex.

Hypothesis 2: Beauty in women and handsomeness in men bestow the ability of these individuals to easily convince someone about an idea. As such, the researcher takes the hypothesis that beauty and handsomeness have a strong positive correlation to persuasion.

Hypothesis 3: Appropriate dressing makes one fit suitably to a particular occasion, conversation or transaction. As such, the researcher takes the hypothesis that physical attractiveness coupled with appropriate dressing has a strong positive correlation of persuasion.

Research Objectives

The core goals and objectives of this research proposal are to investigate the effects of physical attractiveness on persuasion narrowing down to variables that indicate physical attractiveness on persuasion. As a result, a number of the objectives the researcher endeavours to achieve in this study will be:

  1. To examine the impacts of opposite sex perception on the level of attractiveness.
  2. To examine the impacts of opposite sex perception of attractiveness to persuasion.
  3. To ascertain and explore determinants that constitute to perceived beauty and handsome in women and men respectively.
  4. To assess appropriate dressing as a component of physical attractions with regard to persuasion.


The study will involve a study of important industries, which the researcher thinks have pronounced considerations and instances to physical attractiveness and persuasion. The art, fashion industry and financial industry, specifically on conducting business deals. The researcher will choose twenty respondents from every industry on random basis. The population sought will be 60 participants.

Research design

The researcher will conduct the study in a seven-week period through intensive literal reviews, on fashion, art and financial business. In the theory of Lokman, et al. (1999) the research will approach a convenient and most flexible method by means of using the internet, online interviews, and email interviews. In as much as the literal reviews conducted, sampling of data on the physical attraction between women and men in various industries as well as on appropriate dressing. Observation of the collected data on the impact of the dressing, beauty, and opposite sex attrition will be of much endeavour in this context.


Prepare proposal by                                               week one

Complete literature review by                              week two

Complete fieldwork by                              week three four and five

Complete analysis by                                              week six

Give a presentation                                                on Week 6

Complete final report by                                      week seven

Data shall be sampled out and categorised appropriately followed by a thorough empirical analysis – quantitative. The study will integrate in a strategic manner the interview results, which will be qualitative, with the quantitative results in order to realise the impact of the political changes. Comparative analysis shall consider the physical attractions and persuasion weighed on beauty, dressing and opposite sex. The comparison shall be evaluated to get some differences and implications of which it shall be compared with the interview results putting time factor into consideration.


Lokman, I., Meho, R. & Nsouli, A. (1999). Libraries and information on research design. London: Greenwood Publishing Group.