The Importance of Professionalism in Nursing

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Nursing is a major profession that has employed millions of people worldwide. There are a lot of factors that qualify the nursing career as a profession. These include the fact that an educational background is required before it can be practiced and that members in this field adhere to a code of conduct and ethics. This report aims at focusing on professionalism in nursing and the moral, ethical and involved legal issues in it in relation to the community and the patients (Blais, 2006).

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Professionalism and professional values of nursing

Professionalism in nursing is evident from the fact that it requires a level of specialized knowledge and long academic preparation. The skills and knowledge acquired are then tested before one can get a license. They are guided and regulated by the code of conduct. They are also autonomous and self-regulating.

Nurses have a professional responsibility. They are supposed to act in a manner that is legally binding in all interactions with their clients. They should obey the law and put the client interests ahead of theirs. This will help in avoiding situations that may bring about conflict of interest. Professional values of nursing are numerous but each and every factor should be strictly adopted.

There is humanity, Aesthetic, justice, truth and freedom/autonomy. The professional behaviors are also valuable when it comes to nursing professionalism. These behaviors are dependability, clinical reasoning, verbal and written communication etc. To promote professionalism in nursing, nurses have to maintain a set of educational standards (Blais, 2006).

Code of conduct in relation to the community and Patients

The community in relation to the nursing profession refers to the society as a whole. Any group that is in a position to receive the nurses’ care counts as the society. When it comes to the community, there is a certain degree of human rights standards and values that are considered ethical that the nurses are expected to uphold. Nurses should also offer quality nursing care to everyone in the community. These include providing and maintaining ethical, equitable and social responsive care that is clinically appropriate and affordable to the people in the community (Townsend, 2010).

It is quite challenging for most nurses when it comes to dealing with patients with psychosocial diseases or disorders. This is due to the special ethical nature attached to it. It requires a heightened professional obligation to the patient to prevent the patients from harming themselves or others. Dealing with these types of patients is different from the usual cases. The nurses when necessary may be required to treat patients against their wishes if the psychiatrist in charge informs them.

In some cases, the nurse may also breach confidentiality to help the patient. The nurse may also help the society by giving legal or organizational consultations. Nurses have to focus on the ethical factors of their career and due to this act with absolute professionalism. Nurses are supposed to aid in the lives of their patients, as well as the society as a whole.

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Nurses should respect the laws, but can breach this when it comes to mental health patients to assist them, this refers to civil disobedience. The physician should also respect the rights of the patient this majorly focuses on the confidentiality of the patient (Townsend, 2010).


Nursing is an extremely important profession in the society. Certain standards of professionalism need to be observed in this field. These include professional values and behaviors. Standards of moral, ethical and legal issues must be observed when dealing with the community or even patients with psychological diseases and disorders. Nursing professionalism is sensitive and should be carefully applied when it comes to dealing with mental patients.


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