The International Organization for Migration Recommendations

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The International Organization for Migration was able to develop a sophisticated set of recommendations that would encompass the field of development for all the activities related to nursing practices. It is an essential initiative since nursing represents a crucial part of healthcare services that directly refer to ordinary people. The sixth recommendation describes activities that are aimed at improving technological facilities that can develop the processes of delivering healthcare services to aging communities.

Concerning the sixth recommendation, federal authorities, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, should promote the development and dissemination of technological improvements that might enhance a person’s ability to care for elderly people. The rate of growth in the creation of technical innovations is inconsistent and inadequate (Foley & Luz, 2021). In comparison to the predicted 2030 need, the existing and forecast figures for all geriatric health professionals remain insufficient (Foley & Luz, 2021). The difficulties in satisfying estimated demands remain mostly constant, and the advice are still applicable (Foley & Luz, 2021). With the help of the strategy of technological advancements, it is feasible to significantly improve the level of care for older social groups. Thus, considering the changes that have been made since the report was published, the recommendation is still relevant and it will evolve in the future. Nursing research is important since it provides both a thorough understanding whether the recommendations plan is followed and assists in recognizing the current gaps in nursing practices.

To summarize, it is possible to greatly increase the level of care for older social groups using a technology improvements method. Given the developments that have occurred since the report’s publication, the advice remains valid and will continue to evolve in the future. Nursing research is vital since it helps identify existing gaps in nursing practice and offers a complete grasp of whether the suggested plan is followed.


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