The Issue of Equity as It Relates to Global Health

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The issue of equity in the access to quality health care services has prevailed across the world. It is apparent that many private entities across the world have invested in the healthcare system through the development of healthcare facilities and insurance companies. The inequality in the access to health care services in the developed nations is associated with the poor civilians having limited access to quality health care services in the public and private sector because of the lack of medical insurance cover. It is apparent that regardless of the quality of health care in developed economies, there are always issues concerning the access to quality services on the part of the poor members of the community.

In the developing nations, on the other hand, the issue of inequality in global health is associated with some of the people in the society having limited access to any form of health care. This issue is normally a result of the respective governments failing to invest adequately in the development of health care facilities. Inequality in global health is also seen through the development of drugs, whereby the developed economies are supplied with potent drugs that are not accessible to people suffering from the same illnesses in the developing economies. An example of a critical equality issue in global health is malnutrition in children leading to various illnesses. There are many starving children in different parts of the world, and this leads to a higher propensity for the affected populations to report various health issues.