The Issue of Nursing Shortage

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Nursing is one of the most critical professions for contemporary and future societies. Covid-19 illustrated the fundamental nature of good nursing staff to mitigate disasters and maintain patient healthcare. The nursing need has proliferated recently, particularly in developed countries, as people seek to boost healthcare provision. However, despite this increase in nursing and physicians, the medical sector faces a rising turnover worldwide. This alarming rate necessitates proper intervention as nursing, and other medical practitioner shortages will reduce the quality-of-care service, promoting more significant morbidity, medical errors, and deaths. Nurses play an essential role in healthcare, especially as many countries face a looming aging population crisis (Shamsi & Peyravi, 2020). These issues are prevalent in developed countries that have started using college tuition and monetary incentives to attract and retain nurses.

Practical nursing care is crucial to provide individuals with the chance to overcome various health conditions that would lower their productivity. A healthy country is likely to generate more significant revenues as most of its working-class population takes advantage of youth to make money while spending little on medical care. In this way, this population depends on competent physicians who can treat emerging diseases through the prudent diagnosis and management of illnesses (Spurlock, 2020). Nursing and other medical practitioners require extensive training before confidently claiming the potential to deal with these problems. Therefore, a looming nursing and physician crisis posits a problem for current and future societies. A high employee turnover rate leaves fewer experts who can propagate high-quality training to their less experienced counterparts. Addressing this problem would alleviate the rising turnover issue by dealing with leading causes such as worker burnout and inadequate compensation for nurses. Governments and healthcare facilities should determine the most prevalent causes of nurse turnover in their area and devise solutions to make them feel more valued, ensuring better patient services.


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