The Phoenix Hospital’s Strategic Planning

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Phoenix is the most well-known private healthcare provider in the United Kingdom. Its vision and mission are all focused on providing clients with the best services possible. Phoenix’s advantages include a favorable geographic position and reliable information systems. However, extensive hours for nurses and inflation are two of the weaknesses and risks. In the future, internship opportunities and increased money for analytics and research are just a few of Phoenix’s benefits. The company’s strategic priorities include buying or repairing outdated equipment, substantiating the clinic with new technological advancements, and hiring more professionals. In addition, the well-being of the staff is essential for the hospital and the promotion of the organization in media as well.

Mission and Vision

Phoenix Hospital’s patients are people of different ages and incomes. Predominantly, they do not have higher education and rely on the professional help of the hospital heavily. Also, the company always attempts to hire professionals to provide the best care possible. Thus, Phoenix Hospital aims at guaranteeing the best service for everyone while being technically and professionally of superior quality.

Market Analysis

Currently, the hospital is experiencing a shortage of working staff that includes professionals in various areas. In the future, if this direction is not adjusted, the hospital will have to invite specialists from other clinics, which will significantly reduce the hospital’s income. A shortage of working staff will also lead to an increase in working hours for current employees, which can lead to burnout, stress, and fatigue. In the future, this will lead to a decrease in the quality of medical care provided.

The current condition of the Phoenix Hospital technical equipment is poor. As such, different necessary devices are old or not enough in quantity. Negative feedback from patients about the state of the hospital and a long wait for each doctor working with old equipment will lead to hostile and aggressive behavior and self-awareness of hospital employees. In the future, this will have a destructive impact on the interpersonal communication of the doctor, nurses, and patients, leading to a loss of the clinic’s rating and other consequences.

The appearance of a new car manufacturing factory will increase the number of jobs; that is, the number of people who will ever need medical care will increase. According to the data, 38% of patients will have the opportunity to undergo treatment with the help of state funds. An increase in the number of patients will enable the hospital to receive significant financial income. Yet, despite the increase in profits from patients who came for treatment on insurance and benefits, the hospital still needs to be updated and improved since the old condition will not allow it to cope with many patients.

SWOT Analysis of Phoenix Hospital

Phoenix is a city in the United Kingdom’s heartland. This offers it a competitive advantage over other hospitals and healthcare centers around the world. Further, Phoenix has many health professionals, including registered nurses, qualified and skilled doctors, pharmacists, and other hospital workers such as drivers and cleaners. Moreover, the clinic provides its customers with equipment that can handle the majority of advanced operations. In the future, the hospital can improve its staff by working with other healthcare facilities.

However, the hospital saw a decrease in the number of nurses seeking jobs. Also, nurses in Phoenix hospitals work longer shifts than ever before, with 75 percent of them spending 10-12 hours every shift. Furthermore, Due to the pandemic, the hospital has had poor revenue and significant expenses this year. Finally, the hospital has not provided healthcare workers training, such as administrative staff, for the past year. Due to the high competition in the industry and other threats, Phoenix Hospital may experience losses in budget.

Strategic Priorities

Focusing on improving the technology used in Phoenix hospital is important because it influences a number of other factors that ensure the successful work of the institution, such as employee retention or patients’ satisfaction with services. It is important to introduce career ladder programs for nurses since studies have shown that attending such development programs enhances nurses’ satisfaction and awareness of duty. Next, Using social media for recruitment will allow affecting broader sectors of the population. Also, decreasing readmission would allow the hospital to cut costs significantly.


The current state of the financial situation is benevolent for the company. The majority of the hospital’s customers work at the nearby factory, receive governmental insurance, and obtain Medicaid plans. Yet, the technologies in the hospital are not satisfactory for future work. Despite the fact that the company can provide numerous operations, some of its equipment is outdated and its interior space. Moreover, the company experienced various problems with current legislation and was recently fined for violations of some safety requirements.


Phoenix Hospital aims at high-quality care for patients of various social statuses and incomes. To provide the best treatment possible, the facility plans to upgrade its equipment as well as purchase additional technological advancements. Furthermore, the company plans to train the staff for enhanced professionalism; in turn, hiring more personnel would reduce the problem of long waiting for patients. Moreover, the clinicians would not feel fatigued in this case and could guarantee the proper care. Additionally, the hospital views itself as the only superior and renowned clinic in the future. To achieve it, the company would begin a program of self-promotion on social media.


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