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To win the confidence and trust of customers, it is important for an organization to assure them that it can address their needs in an efficient manner. In this case, an organization should notify its customers about the measures that it wishes to adopt in order to handle their needs in a professional manner. As a result, an organization should be innovative in order to provide its customers with professional services when they demand them (UHC, 2012). To do this in an efficient manner, an organization should focus on the emerging trends in the market to allow it to devise effective measures that can help it to fulfill its customer’s needs and wants.

To be able to meet the needs of its customers in the coming years, United Healthcare has invested in growth strategies aimed at helping it to cater to the needs of its customers. United Healthcare is one of the most innovative companies in the US. It has been able to implement innovative and successful customer experience programs. For example, United Healthcare is effective in terms of subjecting its employees to better working experiences. It does this by making use of the Member Journey Map. The company adopted this concept after involving its members in interviews thereby helping it to understand their needs effectively. In this perspective, the members were asked to give their opinion about Medicare and the health plans that the organization offered. Moreover, the members were asked about the challenges they encountered after using Medicare plans. In this perspective, therefore, the employees at United Healthcare adopt the Member Journey Map to help them personalize the members’ healthcare needs. This way, United Healthcare has helped its members to experience better healthcare services.

United Healthcare uses the Member Journey Map to help it translate complex data into a form that can be understood by its members. In this case, the employees at United Healthcare align programs and services in a manner that covers the healthcare needs of the members. The organization also embeds the needs of its customers to ensure that they fit into the organization’s culture. In this case, the employees ensure that they understand the members of the organization personally. This issue leads to an improvement in the services that the employees deliver to the organization’s members. For example, the customer’s complaints about the services that the organization offers have reduced drastically. Moreover, the members of the organization stipulate that the materials that the organization sends to them are understandable (Brino, 2012). Therefore, it is true that the customer experience that United Healthcare subjects its members to is simple, personal, and convenient. Moreover, United Healthcare is the largest business in the US and it has shown significant dedication in terms of improving the overall wellbeing of its Medicare beneficiaries. The strategies that the organization has adopted are multifaceted.

Therefore, it is true that in order for an organization to remain competitive in the market, it should focus on ways of addressing the future needs of its customers. Most customers prefer to be associated with organizations that devise future growth plans. This is because they believe that such organizations are stable and would help them to address their needs in a professional manner (Brino, 2012). Therefore, it is true that the Member Journey Map has provided United Healthcare with solutions on how it should care for the needs of its customers in the coming years.

Strategic plan for United Healthcare

Network Growth

In order for an organization to improve its reputation, it should adopt growth strategies that can help it to expand its customer base and increase the range of services that it offers to its customers. For example, in order to provide efficient services to its members, United Healthcare has established many branches in the US to help is reduce the distance that its members travel while looking for services that the company offers (United Health Group, 2012). In this case, the organization has brought services closer to its members and increased the range of products and services to its members thereby expanding its customer base significantly.


Staffing is a major issue that influences the performance of organizations. In this case, it is important for an organization to focus on its employees in order to ensure that they are allocated the duties that they can handle efficiently. For example, the mission of United Healthcare is to provide dependable medical staffing services to its members. The company also focuses on ways in which it can improve the productivity of its employees. In this case, the employees are expected to perform their duties in an intelligent manner thereby making the customers develop confidence in the products and services that the organization offers (UHC, 2012). In this case, the company requires all its employees to be open and truthful at all times. Moreover, the organization hires employees who are good at listening and respecting the needs of its members (UHC, 2012).

Resource management

Efficient resource management is a strategy that every organization should focus on in order to ensure that its operations are efficient and competitive. This way, an organization is able to operate in a consistent manner thereby winning the confidence of its customers and employees. Employees serve as vital resources in an organization. Therefore, to ensure that employees increase their productivity, United Healthcare provides them with peaceful working conditions. It also awards them competitive benefits. The senior managers of the organization also develop close ties with the employees in order to make them feel that their efforts are appreciated while working in the organization. Moreover, the organization hires competent and trustworthy employees in its accounting department in order to ensure that its funds are not misappropriated (Donahue, 2012). In addition, the organization hires external evaluators to help it determine whether its resources have been misappropriated in any way.

Patient satisfaction

In order for an organization to retain its customers, the managers should ensure that the employees deliver high-quality services to the customers. For example, United Healthcare provides its customers with the products and services that they demand. It does this in order to ensure that its members get full satisfaction from the services that the company offers. The organization also responds to its customers’ queries in a timely and professional manner thereby winning their confidence and trust (Donahue, 2012). This makes the members of the organization be satisfied with the products and services that it offers thereby making it remain competitive in the market.


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