100-Word Essay Examples: Health & Medicine

A 100-word essay is not a long assignment. A paper of such a length requires creativity and clarity of thought rather than serious research. 100 words essays about health care, medicine, and nursing might be required for your college or scholarship application. For instance, a 100-word essay on why I want to be a nurse is a typical assignment when one is applying to a nursing school.

You might be assigned a 100-word essay in almost any medical subdiscipline. For instance: rehabilitation, surgery, geriatrics, gastroenterology, or pulmonology. Good luck with your paper! Check 100 words essay examples below to get inspired.


“Rest: Break Through to Resilience” in Nursing

A common health problem worldwide is a shortage of professional nurses, including staff turnover associated with occupational burnout. There is compelling evidence that resilience in nursing staff reduces nursing burnout and significantly influences the quality of patient care and support provided. The article “REST: Break through to resilience” aims at...

Healthcare Research

Effects of Venlafaxine and Escitalopram Treatments on NMDA Receptors

The research was carried out using rats to find out if there is any relationship between venlafaxine and escitalopram treatments with NMDAR in the brain. The level of NMDAR was reduced in rats injected with depression. Venlafaxine treatment on rats administered with depression was found to prevent the reduction of...


Nursing Peer Reviewed Scholarly Article Critique

The Purpose was to investigate the processes that families have been using to care for the depressed and suicidal loved ones at home (Nosek, 2008, p. 36). This was qualitative study that used the ground theory for data collection and analysis. The author, Dr. Nosek is well conversant with depression...

Healthcare Research

Rapid Shallow Breathing Index Method in Practice

A recent study aimed at comparing the effectiveness of ultrasound-based diaphragmatic excursion (DE) and rapid shallow breathing index (RSBI) in weaning ICU patients from mechanical ventilation. A year cohort study that involved 90 ICU patients aged between 19 and 83 years who were ventilated mechanically during two days demonstrated the...

100 Word Essay FAQ

You can write a 100-word essay about medicine, health care, and nursing on many topics. For example: hepatitis, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, eating disorders, gerontology, or pregnancy. It is worth choosing an inspiring topic because writing a 100 words nursing essay requires time and effort.

Medicine is a quite a complicated topic to write about. Working on a 100-word essay about health care or nursing will typically require time and effort to conduct research and read literature on the topic. Moreover, you’ll have to edit and format the text and probably prepare graphic materials. You’ll need not less than a half an hour for 100 words.

A 100-word essay, be it an academic paper on medicine or any other topic, typically contains 1 to 2 paragraphs. It is a rough estimate considering that an academic writing paragraph usually consists of about 100 words.

A 100-word essay usually spans 1 pages, assuming that it is written in one of the common citation formats (APA, MLA, or Chicago). This means that the text is double-spaced and typed with a standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) of 12 points. The exact length of a 100 words essay will depend on the formatting requirements.

Healthcare Research

Hyperventilation for Intracranial Pressure

A recent study implemented in a Swedish neuro ICU suggests that 30-34mmHg hyperventilation is beneficial for patients diagnosed with severe TBI due to potential improvements in pressure autoregulation. The study was carried out between 2008 and 2018 and included 120 patients whose arterial pCO2, PRx55-15, as well as the level...


Public Health Nurse in Maternal and Child Health

Introduction Perinatal nurses perform an essential function in treating both mothers and infants as their well-being requires continuous supervision. Statistics show that infant death currently is higher in the USA than in European countries, and it keeps increasing. Main body According to Chen, Oster and Williams (2016), the rate of...

Public Health

Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Stress continues to be a persistent issue that might lead to some serious problems. It plays a significant role in the development of physical and mental illnesses, and it can also lead to alcohol or drug abuse. People are especially vulnerable to high stress levels in the workplace environment, and...

Public Health

Public Health: Emergency Preparedness & Awareness

One might survive any natural disaster or catastrophe. However, the key role in the fight against it is proper preparation and awareness of actions to be taken in case of an emergency. For instance, one should be informed about the steps that need to be taken beforehand, including making adequate...

Healthcare Research

Health Care Innovations: Chronic Disease and Self-Management among Adult Patients

The article by McCabe, McCann, and Brady (2017) titled Computer and mobile technology interventions for self‐management in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease provide a systematic review of studies focused on managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the adult population. The research aimed at comparing the outcomes of interventions delivered by...

Healthcare Research

Health Care Technology and Social Media Use Among Adolescents and Young Adults

An article by Abbas, Ali, Khan, and Khan (2016) titled Personalized healthcare cloud services for disease risk assessment and wellness management using social media provides a prototype framework, which can be used to assess risk factors among all types of population, including youth and younger adults. The framework proposes to...

Healthcare Research

General Medical Care Analysis

Florida’s law concerning general medical care does not differ considerably from state laws. According to the Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, health care providers are to respect the rights of patients; however, patients are also expected to respect the rights and regulations of healthcare facilities (Florida Statutes, 2019b)....

Healthcare Research

Depression in Adolescents

Depression in adolescents is a significant concern for the US healthcare system. According to Mousavi, Shojaee, Shahidi, Cui, and Kutcher (2019), the condition is characterized by increased irritability, depressed mood, loss of interest and appetite, sense of hopelessness, and psychomotor retardation. Adolescents with low self-esteem, a history of substance abuse,...

Healthcare Research

Ankle Injuries in Adolescents

Ankle injuries, including sprains, strains, and fractures, are common conditions in adolescents due to a high level of physical activity. According to Du, Chen, Patterson, and Ranade (2018), more than 45 million children in the US have the condition annually. Children participating in sports and having other musculoskeletal conditions are...


The Spread of HIV and the Dangers of AIDS

Researching the spread of HIV and the dangers of AIDS as the final stage of this disease is an extremely essential task in terms of ensuring public safety and helping at-risk categories. As an object of the study, the theme of HIV/AIDS among African-American women will be addressed as a...