9000-Word Essay Examples: Health & Medicine

A 9000-word essay is more of a full-scale research or term paper. To write a good 9000 words essay about health care, medicine, or nursing, you’ll have to conduct serious research and prepare a solid bibliography list. Most likely, writing such a lengthy text will take more than one evening. That’s why you should think carefully about the topic and choose the one that will inspire you.

You might be assigned a 9000-word essay in almost any medical subdiscipline. For instance: geriatrics, oncology, pulmonology, cardiology, or dentistry. Good luck with your paper! Check 9000 words essay examples below to get inspired.


Nurse Shortage Effects on Quality of Adult Care

Abstract Background Healthcare systems globally are experiencing a shortage of nursing personnel. The nurses comprise a critical portion of the healthcare workforce. It can be argued that within the healthcare industry, nursing is the largest profession whose roles in achieving patient wellbeing are critical. In any industry, an imbalance between...


Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Neonatal Patients

Summary Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is an infection that is acquired in hospitals. It is considered among the most commonly acquired hospital infections, especially among pediatric patients in the intensive care unit. This infection is diagnosed via empiric therapy, which is considered to be around 50% of the antibiotics used in...

Administration and Regulation

Education of Health Workers During Pandemic Outbreaks

Abstract This paper is an integrative review regarding the education and training requirements of critical care providers during pandemic outbreaks. It shows that different jurisdictions have different education requirements for critical care providers to work as such. However, training requirements are universal and cover five key areas – emergency planning,...

Healthcare Research

Psychosocial Intervention Effectiveness in Treating Children ADHD

Introduction ADHD has emerged to be one of the major mental problems in our children today. It has been the main reason behind our children shocking behavior change. Several parents find it hard to understand these behavior changes. For example, our children may become hyperactive in one area posing questions...

9000 Word Essay FAQ

You can write a 9000-word essay about medicine, health care, and nursing on many topics. For example: antibiotic, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, insurance, pneumonia, or heart failure. It is worth choosing an inspiring topic because writing a 9000 words nursing essay requires time and effort.

Medicine is a quite a complicated topic to write about. Working on a 9000-word essay about health care or nursing will typically require time and effort to conduct research and read literature on the topic. Moreover, you’ll have to edit and format the text and probably prepare graphic materials. You’ll need not less than 55 hours for 9000 words.

A 9000-word essay, be it an academic paper on medicine or any other topic, typically contains 60 to 61 paragraphs. It is a rough estimate considering that an academic writing paragraph usually consists of about 100 words.

A 9000-word essay usually spans 36 pages, assuming that it is written in one of the common citation formats (APA, MLA, or Chicago). This means that the text is double-spaced and typed with a standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) of 12 points. The exact length of a 9000 words essay will depend on the formatting requirements.


Practice Development: Meaning and Principles

Introduction Background information During the last several decades, the problem of pressure sores in the intensive care units (ICU) did not receive the attention it deserved from scholars in the medical field. This is despite the fact that ICU patients are at high risk of developing pressure sores due to...


Influence of Autonomy the Roles of Oncology and Pediatric Nurses

Abstract Objectives This research was conducted to determine deficiencies of autonomy in patient management at the end of life hence; determine conflicts in autonomy and how they impact on nurse capacity to exercise patient advocacy and determine and identify mechanism through which nursing principles of practices could be exploited in...

Healthcare Research

Aspirin Resistance Research

Introduction The effects of aspirin and other substances having the same effect as aspirin have been known since the ancient Greeks recorded the use of the willow bark as a fever fighter thousands of years ago. It was discovered that the leaves and bark of the willow tree contain a...

Health IT

First Aid Alert Project

Abstract A project to cater to the customer specifications for a first aid response system has been conceived. This was implemented using paging electronics in addition to the software that works in sync with it. The software was designed to gradually expand with the response of the people who are...

Healthcare Financing

The Future of Healthcare in America

Abstract The future of healthcare in America looks bleak—but it does not have to be. Envoy Paul Ryan (R–WI) has proposed “A Roadmap for America’s Future”—the only complete plan in America that deals with the threatening pecuniary and economic crisis, driven by ever-increasing government spending on health care. Ryan’s Roadmap...