Addressing Nursing Staff Members’ Shortcomings

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Nursing is a profession that involves diagnosis, counseling, implementation of medical regimes, and evaluation of a patient’s medical progress. The roles of a nurse are not limited to nurses only but extend to colleagues. Notably, the nursing process helps address staff members’ shortcomings by identifying their strengths and weaknesses (Dahlin et al., 2018). The process involves identifying the defect, diagnosis of the route cause, determination of the best approach, planning, implementation of the intervention, and evaluating the success of the process.

First, it is necessary to identify and appreciate that the staff has a shortcoming that affects their daily activities. Identification is important because it is the first step to helping and designing a working plan. Second, during the nursing process, the nurse can identify the cause of the problem by talking to the staff and getting an in-depth understanding of the problem (Dahlin et al., 2018). Third, the nurse will then identify the suitable approach based on the factors leading to the situation because each requires a specific process. Fourth, the nurse will engage an implementation plan to find the nature of the shortcoming and the causes (Dahlin et al., 2018). Lastly, it is necessary to evaluate if the process alleviated the problem or if it persists.

The nursing process requires technical skills to identify, diagnose, and determine people’s shortcomings. Similarly, it helps the nurses implement, and assessing the intervention approach helps address the issues affecting the performance of staff members. The nursing process allows nurses to use their practical skills to identify and support the patients and staff members in handling the problems affecting their work performance. The nurses are responsible for identifying, assessing, and finding ways to resolve shortcomings that affect their patients and colleagues.


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