Aspects of Philosophy of Nursing

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My philosophy of nursing is based on the idea that nurses should support patients in their strive to achieve good physical and mental health. This means that I want to use my knowledge and expertise in combination with the patient’s input on how they want to manage their health and well-being to help them create the best strategy for being healthy. The four definitions of the nursing meta-paradigms are person, nursing, environment, and health (NurseLabs, n.d.). A person is an individual for whom the healthcare system is created and at whom nurses direct their care efforts. Nursing refers to everything that is connected to this profession. However, for me, the metaparadigm of nursing primarily refers to the person who provides care, their views on health, knowledge, and capacity to provide support to the patients. Health is the ultimate goal of nursing since the target of nurses’ efforts is to help an individual achieve the optimal state of health. Finally, the environment is an important element because people are in constant contact with their surroundings and it is important to understand how these elements affect their health.

I would add the concept of self-care, as a way of teaching patients to take care of their own needs and manage their health, which is especially important for those with chronic conditions. If I had to choose a concept to eliminate, I would select health, because it appears that this is an underlying implication of nursing that does not need to be specifically outlined. Patient-nurse cooperation is based on the mutual goal of the latter helping the former to achieve their best health and maintain it throughout a lifetime.


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