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Medicine is a very interesting branch of studies that comprises several theories that, in their turn, form a solid web of mutually cooperative mechanisms to treat and heal people. Luckily, people have worked out precise appropriation for the theories better application and implementation (Alligood 65). This paper will elaborate on Casey’s Model of Nursing.

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Identification of the Theory

The theory under consideration is called Anne Casey’s Model. This is a very prolific work of theoretical and ultimately practical studies that made many contemporary kinds of children’s treatment emerge (MacKenna 43).The advanced practice nursing can beneficially utilize the theory stated for it was one of the most crucial turning points in the history of the medicine. This theory brings us to the understanding that not only doctors and nurses can participate in medical treatment of the kids, but parents can also do so. It had a great impact on contemporary medicine and further advances although having emerged in 1988.

Key Elements

Each existent theory emerged when there was a great need in some process’ explanation and further advancement. Therefore, Anne Casey was one of the first to apply her pediatrics theory to practice (Smith 72). The actual theoretical part presupposed parents working in partnership with nursing personnel in order to make their kids feel better. Anne Casey thought of this one when she was working at Paediatric Oncology Unit in London. Significantly, she developed her nursing theory for child health nursing as the pioneer steps to future pediatrics (Hughes 104). Just as any nursing theory, this one relates to a specific level of the nursing theory – this is a mid-range nursing theory (Smith 78). There are the main five elements that comprise the entire theory – child, family, health, nurse, and environment. The deepest issue to understand within this theoretical base is that family and relatives are perhaps the best helpers to nursing, this is exercised on practice. Not only it had a great impact on the entire cancer treatment of the previous century, the partnership model can still hold lots of new methods of partnership as it is applied in the twenty first century. (Yeo 122)


The theory was worked out before the industrialization and technical progress. Hence, it is hard to make a good analysis nowadays since the criteria have changed and so has the environment – the crucial fifth element. However, the scientists and doctors developed a mean to estimate if partnership is helping or not and to what extent. While there is a varying degree of assistance from nurses at health-centers, the parents’ impact on the physical state of their kids is estimated by the increase or decrease of abnormal cells in specific part of the body (George 475).

Advanced Practice Role

Unfortunately the theory of Anne Casey is largely underestimated nowadays. The partnership suggested may lead and does lead to better outcomes of the patient’s overall state (Chesler 288).There have been several researches carried out in order to estimate the random patients’ condition while some of them had parents to provide medical assistance together with love and care and some did not. Although the theory is deemed to be old enough to say the methods have outdated, the twenty first century offesr significant advancements in technology and medicine to make parents participate at all stages of nursing treatment processes. For example, several decades ago a child had to be isolated in a dispensary for chemotherapy , whereas today the child’s relative is allowed in to help overcome the hardships (Eiser 322) he/she undergoes. Not only the psychological factor plays a great role, a parent is always more scrupulous and rigorous about rules and requirements adherence towards his/her child. (Lazarus 78)

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