Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Leaders

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Emotional intelligence is defined as someone’s ability to use, understand, and positively manage their emotions. Hence, emotionally intelligent people can relieve stress, empathize with others, communicate effectively, diffuse conflicts, and overcome challenges (Rasooli et al., 2019). Self-awareness is a psychological state whereby the focus of attention is oneself. Moreover, it influences a person’s decision-making to be sound and objective even when their self-esteem and pride are compromised (Rasooli et al., 2019). Through emotional intelligence, leaders can quickly realize when their thinking is being influenced by emotions such as pride, allowing them to make better decisions.

There are many benefits associated with emotional intelligence, including making a leader listen to people without being judgmental, which, in turn, gives assurance to accessing needed information quickly. Detecting nonverbal cues among employees is more effortless, thus, it enables one to predict whether they understand what he or she is saying or not. Understanding another person’s body language means that a person possesses great communication skills. Moreover, managing mental health means that one is emotionally intelligent (Rasooli et al., 2019). In this case, assessing employees’ psychological and emotional states becomes more efficient and cultivates a productive and harmonious workplace (Rasooli et al., 2019). The best leaders know how to deal with their teams, which ensures they build better relationships with other members as they will effectively understand them better.

A nurse who is equipped with self-awareness will know how to set boundaries in their professional career, this will ensure that they do not lack discipline and do not cause injury to others. In nursing, for one to be an excellent team player, they will have to be open-minded, as there is not any need to be number one in this profession. Another thing that can prove that a registered nurse has high self-awareness is if they have to be mindful of their weaknesses and strengths, this will ensure that the person can ask for assistance when they are not doing well. Finally, another behavior that can be seen from a person with this awareness is that he or she trusts their intuition when making certain decisions in their career. A great example of self-awareness practiced by a registered nurse is when deciding what a patient is suffering from., they have to be open-minded and accept assistance from other nurses and physicians. Therefore, this will mean that the nurse can become a valuable leader as well as a valuable registered nurse.


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