Delaying the Aging Process and Possibly Extending Life

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The pros of the delayed aging process are people get more time to contribute a lot to society, enjoy their wealth, and increase economic growth. As death robes, the society of its contributors, delayed aging process will give people extra time to contribute to the development of the world. People usually strive to create and amass wealth during their adulthood, but they do not get time to enjoy the fruits of their labor owing short lifespan. In this view, delayed aging will give people enough time to celebrate their achievements. Delayed aging will increase the population and consequently create huge markets for products, hence, stimulating economic growth.

However, the cons of delayed aging are diminished resources, increased burden of caring for the old, extended misery, and reduced workforce. Increasing population means that they require additional resources, which will exceed the capacity of the earth to provide. Given that the old people require care, families, society, and the government will have a burden of taking care of the aging population. During old age, diseases increases, and thus, it means that the old people will live in misery. Owing to the pressure of population increase, the young people will reduce their fertility and in turn, leads to a reduced workforce to support an aging population. The world should not focus on anti-aging because it will disrupt population structure and cause serious socio-economic effects. These effects are diminished resources, increased burden of caring for the old, reduced workforce, and extended misery among the aged people.