Discussion of Maternal Death Causes

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In some cases, women experience complications during pregnancy and delivery, and some instances lead to the death of the mother and infant. According to WHO (2019), the current rates of maternal mortality are unacceptably high. Moreover, the majority of these deaths are a result of preventable causes and could be prevented if women get access to high-quality care services. The causes of maternal mortality include infection, postpartum bleeding, high blood pressure during the period of pregnancy, complications that are a result of the delivery, or unsafe abortions. Each of these issues can be addressed if pregnancies are monitored by skilled healthcare professionals. The WHO’s (2019) sustainable development plan includes a strategy to reduce the number of maternal deaths to 70 per 100 000 cases by 2030. By ensuring that pregnant women can access high-quality healthcare services provided by skilled professionals, one can significantly reduce the rates of maternal mortality.


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