Overweight and Obesity: Lifestyle Modification Approaches

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Obesity and overweight are health conditions characterized by excess weight that contribute to the emergence of comorbidities, mental health issues and low quality of life. People tend to downplay the seriousness of being overweight, though being over underestimated, this condition is hazardous, health-harming, defined with high mortality rates. Treatment of overweight and obesity can be carried out in many different ways, ranging from lifestyle changes to medication therapy and surgery.

Excess weight is a global overly common health challenge that, being dangerous itself, is often accompanied by other crucial diseases. According to Rosenthal et al. (2017), about 37% of adults suffer from obesity in the United States. Unfortunately, the majority of those with excess weight “battle obesity without consulting a medical professional,” do not utilize efficient treatment strategies or “do not recognize their clinical condition” (Rosenthal et al., 2017). Obesity implies a high risk of premature death and the emergence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, joint disease as well as many other health conditions. Therefore it is essential to timely and properly select the treatment option.

Overweight and obesity treatment can consist of prescribed medications, weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery, and lifestyle changes. Bariatric surgery and accompanying medications have been widely used to treat patients with obesity. However, it is better to start with less drastic lifestyle modifications, which tend to be effective in some cases (Wadden et al., 2020). This approach includes a reduced-calorie diet, increased exercising, regular counseling and weight monitoring. Lifestyle changes should be accompanied by behavior therapy, which aims to maintain mental health, adherence to treatment, and will to attain good health.

Obesity and overweight are hazardous health conditions leading to other diseases and premature death; therefore, they should be appropriately treated. It is significant to evaluate the seriousness of this condition adequately and not hesitate to seek help. The preferable start point is to comprehensively modify lifestyle, which can help avoid surgical or medication treatment. Such changes include increased physical activity, psychological support, healthy and low-calorie food.


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