East Orange General Hospital as a Clinical Site

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The clinical site of my practice is East Orange General Hospital of New Jersey, and working there contains opportunities to involve in multiple specialties. The facility has three main Centers of Excellence: Family health, Weight loss, and Female health, and includes diagnostic, emergency, behavioral, and outpatient services (East Orange General Hospital, n. d.). The clinic’s mission states that “we hold ourselves accountable to the community and each other in carrying out our work as a team,” and it has strong ties with local organizations (East Orange General Hospital, n. d.). The selected facility serves the impoverished population with comorbidities of diabetes, hypertension, CAD, and other chronic conditions, engaging its Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (AGNPs) in various examination and treatment practices.

The clinic provides each employee of a specialty preparation stage with a preceptor responsible for teaching, settling with the internal regulations, and coordinating the practice. My specialist has the scope of experience in internist treatment for over a decade and is a profound example of serving the community through healthcare and promotion (East Orange General Hospital, n. d.). The specialist is admired for her patience, thoroughness to the patients, compassion, and humility. Furthermore, my preceptor is a skilled leader on whom I can rely in challenging situations and ask for additional support in addressing the needs of an impoverished population with comorbidities.

My specialty and preparation at East Orange General Hospital is an AGNP, meaning that I am required to receive specific practice in treating adults with diverse comorbidities. Moreover, the scope of my tasks addresses the need for stabilizing patients’ conditions and preventing complications through diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment planning (Becker et al., 2020). Consequently, to work with the impoverished population with diagnoses such as diabetes, CAD, or hypertension, I must develop the ability to make efficient evidence-based decisions and select the optimal support strategies. I plan to learn it from my preceptor and observe how an AGNP can provide the most value for the clinic’s development and patient experience improvement.


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