Health Care Organizations Identified as Being High on Performance

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The Pan American Health Organization is a well-known international organization for its high performance of healthcare delivery to Americans, and the main objective of this organization, with a legacy of over a hundred years, is to raise the living standards of the American nationals. The headquarter of this organization is in Washington, and it has so many scientific and technical professionals who work in collaboration with Latin American countries and Caribbean countries.

The success of the Pan American Health Organization is said to have linked with many other spheres like health ministries of the government, NGOs, organizations for social security, universities that promote health care of the citizen, and various community groups functioning for the improvement of social health. “The organization operates under two basic principles: Pan-Americanism and equity. Pan-Americanism facilitates the cooperation of countries to share information and experiences and to address common goals, as envisioned in the Pan American Sanitary Code and PAHO’s constitution”. There is economic disparity among countries in America, and the organization tries to bring equity in delivering quality health care to all countries.

The World Health Organization is regarded as the best health care organization in the world, having its branches all over the world. “The World Health Organization has carried out the first-ever analysis of the world’s health systems”. The main focus of WHO is on the under-developed countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Healthcare facilities accreditation program, community health accreditation program, accreditation commission for health care are some of the health care organizations which are not focused on profit but are oriented on delivering adequate healthcare services to people of all strata. The criteria used for assessing the high performance of health care organizations are: focusing on service rather than profit, covering a large population, or involving many countries, and equity and quality in service.