Global Health Agencies and Nursing

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The World Health Organization (n.d.) is one of the largest health agencies that are concerned with global leadership in health matters. The projects of the World Health Organization (n.d.) are multiple, and they are aimed at the promotion of health and equality globally. Primary health care is one of the activities that the World Health Organization promotes and advocates for, and the 71st World Health Assembly (which took place this year) was dedicated to this topic.

Furthermore, the organization reports that Global Conference on Primary Health Care will also be held this year. The World Health Organization connects these activities to the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Alma-Ata that was adopted in 1978. The document highlighted the significance of primary health care for the protection and promotion of global health, and it can be used to identify the role of healthcare professionals in the process. Indeed, according to the Declaration of Alma-Ata, which is supported by the World Health Organization, nursing can advance primary care by acknowledging the right of humans to health, combating inequality, and empowering patients to participate in their care.

Furthermore, the Declaration indicates that nurses need to employ evidence-based practices, stimulate governments to fulfill obligations to their people, and facilitate global cooperation for primary health care promotion. The latter outcome can be achieved with the help of agencies like the World Health Organization. The Declaration stresses the fact that primary health care relies on the professionals in the field, including nurses, and demonstrates that in order to provide primary health care within their community, nursing needs to involve a number of activities related to care, advocacy, and human rights protection.