Sustainable Health System and Its Three Key Attributes

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There are times in everyone’s life when medical help is essential. Unfortunately, the health system is not ideal and has many disadvantages. That is the reason why many people avoid asking for medical help. According to Fineberg, there are some recommendations that can help to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the health system.

First of all, a sustainable health system has three key attributes: affordability, acceptability, and adaptability. Affordability means that patients and families, employers, and the government should be able to afford timely quality treatment. Acceptability to key constituents may be explained as parents and health professionals having the opportunity to visit and help the patient. Adaptability means that a health system must be modern, follow medical equipment updates, learn about new treatments and diseases, and provide patients with the best services.

Furthermore, there are some recommendations medical workers should follow to make the health system better. Firstly, they should put more effort into increasing the quality and safety of the health system. Patients need to be confident in the process and outcome of the treatment. Secondly, health care workers must “meet the health needs of patients who require high-cost care in a more humane way that will save money over time.” Patients whose treatment costs much money should be given an opportunity of being treated at home. Next, attention should be paid to the needs and preferences of patients as they all deserve to be heard and taken care of.

Further, medical professionals should “rely on systems engineering and operations research to smooth the flow of patients through the health care system.” Also, they must learn from the other professionals, their experience from the evidence, and new researches. As health care needs are changeable, medical workers should have as much information as possible. Finally, they should provide support team-based care, share knowledge with colleagues, consult others, and ask for their opinions.

In conclusion, one may say that the health care system undoubtfully needs improvements. Of course, the steps that should be made require a substantial amount of money, years of change, and much effort. However, no matter how hard that is, it still may be implemented. Patients deserve the best quality treatment and care, and it should be achieved in the nearest future.