Healthcare Employees’ Protection from Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence against healthcare professionals may be a significant concern as it can lead to severe consequences for both personnel and patients. It is vital for healthcare organizations to ensure the safety of workers and clients. My current workplace has several measures aimed to protect employees from workplace violence. First, there are alarm systems and video surveillance equipment that allows for controlling individuals’ safety in all units of the hospital. Second, employees are required to return their entry passes and keys at the end of the shift, which means that there is no chance that a non-staff member can have access to them. However, other measures to enhance employees’ security can be suggested.

The first action that can be taken is to improve screening procedures for patients by analyzing their risks for engaging in violent acts. For example, it may be necessary to evaluate individuals’ emotional states and address their concerns timely to avoid patient violence. In addition, it is vital to eliminate conflicts among medical professionals by establishing discussion sessions and training aimed to reduce conflicts in the workplace and help the person to share their opinions. Another strategy that a hospital can implement is the installment of panic buttons. Medical professionals should always have an opportunity to ask for help in an emergency case. These devices should be available at all receptionist desks, pharmacy counters, and other areas associated with a potential risk of violence. Finally, it is necessary to restrict public access to the hospital’s site. All visitors should be required to register at the reception desk or a security station. This measure can help to avoid emergencies associated with violence and increase patients’ and personnel’s safety.