Regression Analysis in a Hospital Setting

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Regression analysis is a statistical method of the estimation of relationships between a dependent variable and one or several independent variables. It is widely used for two main purposes: description and prediction. The second purpose is especially useful in healthcare and hospital settings as it helps in the prevention of adverse events. An example could be the usage of regression analysis in order to create a safer environment for patients in a hospital (Brubakk et al., 2021). With the help of the Work Environment Survey, which included seventeen factors with several items each, and the Safety Attitude Questionnaire, the hospital staff was subjected to the research.

Bivariate regression analysis was connected to a great extent with safety climate improvements and the obstacles for achieving such a climate. Stepwise linear regression was implemented to assess the most vital characteristics for the prediction of a change in safety climate score. A backward regression was applied to the unit’s safety climate scale. A forward logistic regression model was used to estimate the predictor odds ratio (OR) of increasing and maintaining a unit’s safety climate on a mature level. Therefore, with the help of various regression tools, each factor was analyzed, identifying Improvement, Quality, and Patient-Centered as the most critical factors. When adjusted for a unit size, though, Commitment also appeared to be an essential factor. To experience an increase in the safety climate from a non-mature to a mature level, 12 out of 17 elements are necessary should be significant at a P<0.05 level. Furthermore, the logistic regression demonstrated that all factors needed to be significant at a P<0.01 level to maintain such a climate.

To conclude, regression analysis is a highly useful tool that can be effectively applied in a hospital setting. In this specific example, a safer environment was achieved with the help of different types of regression used with the data obtained from the surveys. Moreover, it is possible to infer the measures that have to be done in order to maintain the favorable work environment characteristics.


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