Healthcare Workers in Leadership

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While being highly skilled professionals, healthcare workers in leadership and management demonstrate varying qualities and communication styles in the workplace, which define their responsibilities and, consequently, affect the procedures on a global scale. For example, nurse managers’ duties imply monitoring and maintaining the performance of day-to-day operations within nursing units (The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, 2020). In turn, nurse leaders work directly with patients and other employees and strive for improving outcomes (The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, 2020). Hence, nursing roles in these areas differ depending on the expected results of interventions.

However, it is sometimes impossible to distinguish the tasks of these two types of specialists since they can overlap. For instance, the long-term goals of both nurse leaders and managers are related to the need to motivate staff to provide services of high quality, make independent decisions, and demonstrate commitment to the organization (Williamson, 2017). In this way, they set a role model for other workers with regard to their willingness to work and the required degree of autonomy in actions. Subsequently, these aspects contribute to employee retention, which is significant for the proper functioning of facilities. In this case, both managers and leaders play an equal role.

As a nurse leader, I would facilitate change by taking advantage of this overlap by following the behavioral model promoted by the organization. Since its efficiency is defined by the intention of employees to comply with this example, individual efforts will make a difference (Williamsonm 2017). Thus, the support of the guidelines and norms accepted and enhanced by the medical facility will be my contribution to the shift in the provision of services for the better.


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