Minimizing the Impact of Cultural Differences During Care Delivery

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The perception of being Black is a problem in itself, and it becomes aggravated when one is deemed to have a mental condition. It begins with organizational culture in the context of the policies and protocols in place. The doctors have a misguided conception about being Black and, as a result, fail to understand the needs of a Black person. Instead, they view them as people who should be controlled (Films on Demand, 2010). In the long run, such a practice only makes matters worse because these individuals do not seek help from the various mental health centers as it makes no difference whether they attend them or not.

Additionally, there is the element of power, which entails the distribution of resources. As a result, the Blacks are not able to handle their problems as efficiently as the whites. Sequentially, there is a huge burden on the health system, which can be addressed if charitable organizations and the government intervene. In addition to the typical social and economic issues that Black people face, a mental health problem can be highly intense such that it becomes difficult to control it.

It is essential to fathom the needs of individuals with mental health problems to provide precise care. Inability to understand individuals with mental health problems results in the administration of treatment that is not equivocal to their needs. Every individual with a mental condition should not be taken to a mental health center because it is not all about medication but helping individuals deal with the triggering factors. It becomes imperative to understand mental health problems in the context of different races to avoid prejudice and the administration of ineffective care.


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