Nurse’s Role in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

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Being a nurse requires to take care of every patient and concerns about his or her well-being. When it comes to a child, a nurse should identify the signs of child abuse and neglect, as children are often afraid of sharing such information or cannot speak at all. This problem is becoming more severe, as in 2018, an estimated 1770 children died from an abuse and neglect (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019). Preventing child abuse and neglect saves a life of a child and ensures protection.

There are signs that can be detected by medical workers. Most common signs are unexplained injuries and bruises or burns that project patterns of an object. Moreover, anxious or otherwise very calm child behavior can be a sign. Parents also may seem strange by being overprotective or having anger issues. When a child is preschooler, communication is the best option to identify abuse and neglect (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019). By carefully listening to a child and providing him or her a safe place to speak up, a nurse can record evidence for child abuse and neglect.

A nurse should communicate with a child and his or her parents, ask the right questions about the child’s condition. Parents often try to take their child away from the hospital and medical workers. Otherwise, they can be very attentive to every action of a medical worker. As such, it is highly important for a nurse, to be careful about details when suspecting child abuse and neglect. If child abuse is detected, a nurse should ensure safety of a child and call for child protective services and police. It is also significant to make sure that a child is not alone or with his or her parents/guardians.

Overall, a nurse should be able to identify abuse and neglect of a preschooler child by the careful examination of a child’s physical condition and behavior. Parents’ actions and words also need to be analyzed by medical workers. In case of a child abuse, medical workers should immediately call for child protective services. Communication and support are significant when dealing with such cases. A nurse is required to provide favorable conditions for a child, as he or she may feel abundant or neglected.


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