University Medical Center of Las Vegas

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University Medical Center (UMC) acts as the cornerstone hospital of the Las Vegas Medical District, giving the highest quality of care to encourage excellent medical outcomes for patients. It is an academic medical center with a long tradition of providing life-saving treatment in Southern Nevada. UMC offers a wide range of specialized treatments to patients, including Nevada’s only Level I Trauma Center, only Burn Care Center, only Designated Pediatric Trauma Center, and only Transplantation Center. According to UMC, “the UMC Trauma Center provides life-saving care to community members, visitors and residents of nearby states. Serving patients in a 10,000-square-mile area, the UMC Trauma Center provided care to approximately 12,500 patients in 2016. The UMC Trauma Center has a survivability rate of 96 percent, including patients who were transported to UMC with less than a 1 percent chance of survival” (UMC, 2021). It makes this center one of the leading centers in the state, which provides highly qualified assistance over a large area.

UMC is dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge medical technologies, from innovative robotic surgery to groundbreaking wireless pacemakers. According to UMC, “in 2017, UMC became the first hospital in Nevada to offer a procedure to implant the world’s smallest pacemaker, which is approximately the size of a large vitamin” (UMC, 2021). UMC also has a cutting-edge Robotic Surgery Program that employs cutting-edge technology to give the least invasive, most accurate procedures possible. For example, UMC’s da Vinci Xi Surgical System combines modern robotic, computer, and optical technology to help surgeons with various procedures. In addition, UMC has developed a strategic agreement with the UNLV School of Medicine, solidifying its status as a prominent academic medical facility. The hospital is an anchor partner for the newly built school, which will provide the best academic medicine in the region.

Hospital Community

UMC is a large medical center that strives to improve in all areas of human clinical care. The hospital’s primary focus is on the adult population since there is a separate hospital for children. The main focus of UMC is on the treatment of physical injuries. UMC provides a wide range of services: center of transplantation, heart center, outpatient physical services, trauma center, women and newborn care center, and others. University Medical Center of Southern Nevada wants patients’ visits to the hospital to be as easy and comfortable as possible, whether patients, family members, or visitors (UMC, 2021). According to Nguyen, “Clients can apply for assistance according to their needs” (Nguyen, 2019). On each patient unit, comfortable visitors are waiting for spaces. Family members of surgical patients are welcome to wait in the waiting area near the medical center, where the surgeon will contact them after the operation. Same-day patients will be taken back to the Same Day Unit after their procedure and post-anesthesia recovery, where those accompanying them may see them before release.

Market research and Major Health Needs

To understand which product to take as a new program, an analysis of existing programs is necessary. Since UMC is a large medical center, it is rather challenging to determine the area in which the center is not developed. The outpatient physiotherapy center is well developed; UMC offers a wide range of services, such as orthopedic injuries, neurological rehab, hand therapy, manual therapy, work-related injuries. Accordingly, this is an already established hospital area, which does not require promotion for people who have not tried these hospital services. Likewise, the emergency department triage center does not require promotion, as the process is streamlined. The center covers a large area, serving the maximum possible number of patients, which speaks of the scale of this center. The new community hotline call center specializing in mental health issues will be an excellent addition to the existing UMC system. The hospital specializes more in physical injuries than mental ones. Advances in mental health care will help expand patient care. After establishing this hotline call center, UMC can think about expanding into mental health care.


In summary, the new community hotline call center specializing in mental health needs would be an excellent addition to the existing system. Advancements in this area will help reach a larger number of new patients, enabling the hospital to develop in a new industry for itself. The existing hospital, which has the status of patient confidence, will offer new services in the field of psychiatry – this movement will interest many people and help promote the hospital even more.


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