Nursing Care Models and Public Health Programs

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The state programs implemented are addressed to different segments of society, so it is necessary to have information about other groups of the population in medical and social services. The improvement of the old and the emergence of new forms of medical and social care is possible only with new specialists, technologies, and the increasing role of public organizations and associations. This essay aims to identify specific models of health care and compare and contrast public health programs.

In the world, there are five models of nursing care: functional, team, total, primary, and AC Health Mobile Care. The role of the nurse is one of the leading among all medical personnel. A nurse is a person who provides direct care for patients, and in most cases, is not responsible for their physical recovery. Nurses perform many different care and treatment activities with the primary goal of helping to strengthen, stabilize, and maintain the health of their patients (Pérez-Fuentes, 2018). The RN-BSN Program aims to improve the nursing experience that nurses already have.

There are various programs to preserve public health, for example, weight loss programs, sports, physical education, smoking cessation classes, or stress management classes. I selected stress management programs and chronic disease self-management tools. Stress for the patient is the environment, the results of the examination, manipulations performed without explaining the reasons and goals, and the attitude of the staff to them. The nurse’s role is invaluable in providing psychological preparation for the patient for various stressful situations, providing assistance with stress, and ensuring stress tolerance.

When using self-monitoring tools for chronic diseases, the nurse’s role is to help the patient adapt more quickly to the prescribed treatment. Moreover, the nurse is called upon to become a motivator for the patient’s recovery. Compared with stress management, the patient’s attitude to recovery plays a significant role here, not the nurse. In the stress management program, the nurse must help the patient not yield to stress during the entire treatment and stay in the clinic.

In conclusion, the nurse’s role is essential in any program that concerns the patient’s recovery. In this regard, nurses need to increase their knowledge and improve their skills. In addition, they need to be able to find words of support for almost every patient. After analyzing the various programs, it is clear that the nurse’s role is integral, especially in the care of the patient.


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