Potential Challenges and Intervention in Nursing Practice

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The US medical system is at a high level, but in practice, when implementing changes, failures can occur. The hospital’s problems are a lack of nurses and a lack of cultural competence. It translates into the need to processing and receiving negative feedback from patients. To address the issue, the hospital administration must adhere to a plan to improve working conditions, change management policies, and create resources to increase cultural competence.

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The shortage of nursing staff in the ordinary hospital remains because of the unattractive working conditions. Most graduates choose to pursue a private practice or work for non-governmental organizations. Nursing in public hospitals is often associated with high levels of stress, which affects workers’ health (Alenezi et al., 2018). The change that needs to be taken is to improve performance conditions and create development opportunities. Nurses are skilled health professionals who need to be given possibilities for professional development.

Nursing managers are often newbies who fail to manage their workforce wisely. According to Kuraoka (2019), they strongly impact the quality of patient care, productivity, financial stability, and nursing satisfaction. The solution to the issue is introducing mandatory courses on leadership and conventional communication to facilitate discussion and understand nursing problems. Management policy is a critical parameter that needs to be worked on to improve staff satisfaction.

Increasing cultural competence has become an obligation because of globalization and a changed social paradigm. Staff must be tolerant and always culturally sensitive to meet the need. It can be achieved by organizing special formal competency development courses (Farber, 2018). Employees will be able to grow professionally and personally, which positively affects their work. Raising cultural competence solves the problem of patient dissatisfaction and helps nurses develop needed skills.


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