Stress Management in Pre-Licensure Nursing Students

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This paper is a plan proposal for the capstone project in the setting of stress management in pre-licensure nursing students. The work explores various challenges associated with increased stress levels that pre-licensure nursing students may face and defines methods and strategies used to manage that stress. The impairing effects explain the significance of this topic that persistent stress might have on the health and well-being of nursing students (Green. 2020).

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In addition, this project aims to determine the gaps in knowledge regarding the subject and explore potential ways to continue research and fill those gaps. The preceptor of the author of the capstone project will provide assistance with listing the points that are necessary to address in the study, structuring the paper accordingly, and identifying the appropriate literature required for the research.

Stress management is a significant aspect in the lives of pre-licensure nursing students because the nursing programs they enter might be mentally challenging because of their rigor and complexity. These factors may lead to high levels of stress that can be overwhelming for the students who cannot manage it, directly affecting their health, well-being, and education (Green, 2020). Thus, the goals of the related capstone project involve conducting a literature review on the subject, identifying the most critical aspects of the problem and investigating them, and then analyzing the findings to define the ways to imply them in further research.

Additionally, some practical activities will be involved, such as conducting a questionnaire among the nursing students in the university of the capstone project’s author to define whether they experience any level of stress due to the complexity of their studies and how they manage it and then analyze the questionnaire results in the project setting.


Green, C. (2020). Teaching accelerated nursing students’ self‐care: A pilot project. Nursing open, 7(1), 225-234. Web.