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Professionalism in a career is a product of the level and quality of training one has gone through. A review of Walden University’s mission and vision statements reveal an institution committed to the availing and provision of the best skills to nursing students. In stating that “Walden University envisions a distinctively different 21st-century learning community where knowledge is judged worthy to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solutions of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the greater global good”.(Walden University, 2010). It portrays an institution that values the application of the acquired knowledge in tackling the challenges of the future while at the same time seeking solutions to the problems that compound the society today and thus contributing to the general good of the society. Its mission is embodied in the ability to transform one into a true professional who is able to execute his roles and duties to effect positive social change.

Walden’s vision and mission exactly fit into my career. This is because I personally agree with the objectives behind the mission and vision of this institution. Nurses advocate for the voiceless in society and as such act as agents of social change. My experience within the nursing profession has opened the scope of my understanding of the demands that foster the ability of one to become a professional. Through role modeling, I strive to treat all regardless of their social class in society. I further plan to make use of the atmosphere within Walden to improve my skills in research for greater impact on policies related to this field. These will then enhance my ability to reduce the gaps that exist within the provision of healthcare services.

My desire and drive to become a nurse were driven by a number of personal and external factors. The central role of a nurse is to provide healthcare to patients, families and communities. The choice of my career was largely influenced by my desire to create positive change in the community through the application of physical, emotional, social, and psychological teachings fused with research and counseling. The best career that in my view exactly fit into this definition is nursing. Furthermore, the availability of jobs within this field made makes it a secure choice in relation to other careers. This was my initial reason for joining nursing but after some time, I found out that I not only fell in love with it but wanted to be an agent of social change through it. Even though my initial perceptions about nursing were based on the idea to permanently have a job and for monetary purposes, I have come to realize that the ability to assist the needy and help people remain above all other reasons.

My earlier perceptions have changed due to my practical experience with my fellow students, lecturers and members of the Walden University community. There is that need for one to put in more personal effort and drive to achieve higher performance levels in terms of class performance, personal drive and positive attitude that defines a professional. I no longer hold my earlier beliefs in regard to professionalism in nursing in that the Walden University community has changed my ultimate goal to greater heights and so far for the better.

My professional goals as a nurse are embodied in the ability to look a part in the course of my duties, treat colleagues, patients, and clients with dignity and respect, commit myself to life long learning process and execute my roles in the best manner. These are all the attributes I consider as the correct definition of excellence in the field of nursing. To achieve this, I had to adequately undertake a thorough search on the best institution that is able to equip me with the above traits that define a true professional. Nursing involves close and continuous interactions with different people and as such whether you like it or not, to remain professional, one must dress and stay smart. This is what defines “looking a part”. Walden University’s mission and vision statements appropriately fit into my personal goals and mission within the career of nursing. It has been my desire to join an institution that extends far beyond the classroom walls and thus goes further into equipping a graduate with skills and knowledge on the best code of practice. Nursetogether, (2009) partially defines professionalism in nursing as “people who do their best at what they are being paid to do in that they are committed to excellence whether they ‘feel like it’ or not, whether external circumstances warrant it or not”. Therefore, those who fail to give in to their best cannot become professionals in this field. Furthermore, I aspire to be part of a team that envisions the future while attending to the current problems and executing positive change. The cultural and social atmosphere within the Walden University’s community, committed staff and learning process makes it ideal for the achievement of my goals. The mission and vision of this institution reveal a system that fosters the development of critical thinking, evidence-based analysis and decision making. In striving to achieve the demands of the 21st century, it portrays an institution that is capable of contributing to the social, mental, and physical development of an individual.

I strongly believe my commitment to social change will be a result of the extensive and thorough yet interesting study program I am destined to experience during my time in this institution. Towards this, I strive to value each and every person and put in my best efforts to initiate positive social change amongst my workmates, clients, and patients. Furthermore, Walden University’s students are trained to spend time and energy enhancing the best delivery of services in their roles. Encouraged by the mission and vision, I aspire to apply my skills and knowledge acquired in this institution in effecting positive change in the community.


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