Registered Nurses’ Work as Cohesive Agents

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After taking my time to follow an RN in a hospital setting, I was able to better understand the role of these professionals. They can help patients to receive direct care and be more aware of the healthcare delivery process. RNs work as cohesive agents capable of connecting doctors to patients, enhancing the efficiency and openness of communication.

Performing Procedures

During the process of shadowing a nurse, I was able to learn how to complete several procedures that are necessary for an RN-BSN role. I have found out how to correctly administer medicine, turn patients over in bed and fill in prescriptions. In addition, I learned to consider the process of logistics as especially important to the regular work of a hospital. Specifically, I saw how nurses fill in patient information to improve the speed at which doctors can work with them. Filling prescriptions, and consulting clients on which specialists they need – all of these responsibilities lay on the shoulders of nurses as well.

Interprofessional Communication

Another skill I have managed to improve in the process of watching nurses work is communication. I learned that all conversations must be concise, respectful, and focused on translating meaning with increased efficiency. Having to navigate the issues of limited time, high workload, and professionalism, nurses must strive to improve their standards of communication (Olde Bekkink et al., 2018). Without sufficient skill in relating information to other nurses and doctors, RNs and BSNs will be unable to ensure the continued health and wellness of their patients.


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