Registered Nursing (RNs): Delegation

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Journal Reflection

My reaction to an experience involving delegation of tasks that are non-nursing related was disappointing and humiliating. I was delegated cleaning tasks which I considered the role of ancillary personnel. Although I was able to work on the required tasks, I felt that it was unprofessional and uncalled for as my nursing skills were being ignored. I felt that way because the ancillary personnel was always available, yet I was assigned tasks which I felt was part of their responsibilities. I was also disappointed because I felt the head nurse doubted my skills or judgment as a nurse.


Why professional RNs are still completing so many non-nursing tasks

Most professional registered nurses are still completing many non-nursing-related tasks instead of delegating them to ancillary personnel. This occurrence is an amalgamation of understaffing in most medical facilities, thereby leading to inadequate support personnel. Some professional RNs are just reluctant to start delegating once the support personnel is available (Nakweenda & Anthonie, 2019). In the latter case, the reluctance can be occasioned by the habits formed over a long period working in institutions that do not provide sufficient support personnel. There is an increase in cases of understaffing in most hospitals. At the same time, many professional registered nurses are actively employed out of hospitals and in other non-nursing-related careers (Nakweenda & Anthonie, 2019). As a result of the low numbers of practicing nurses, thereis the stretching of the roles and responsibilities of the few nurses actively working in health facilities. The culture of professional registered nurses whose roles and responsibilities have been redefined to include non-nursing-related tasks is born.


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