The Benefits of the Nursing Career

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While studying in college, students faced a critical problem of choosing a further profession. On the one hand, they already know about some of their strengths; on the other hand, they may not be ready to choose the direction of their whole life. However, even at such a young age, people can begin to search for an exciting job and an opportunity to learn it. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the benefits of a nurse career.

Firstly, this is one of the simplest ways to do what is vital for humanity: to help people. Being a nurse means not only accompanying medical procedures but also communicating with patients, knowing them better, and supporting them. Secondly, a medical career provides numerous opportunities for development. Having gained enough skills and experience, nurses can become doctors in their area of ​​interest. This profession is undoubtedly in demand and prestige. Thirdly, all nursing skills can be useful in everyday life (Black, 2019). No one knows when relatives or friends will need urgent help, and in some cases, nurses can respond to a critical situation immediately.

Students must understand that the career of nursing is associated with difficulties. The main ones are the complexity of education, psychological pressure, high level of responsibility, and other factors. However, the positive aspects of this work outweigh these shortcomings and make this career attractive. Moreover, in the technological 21st century, humanity faces the critical need for skilled workers in some areas, one of which is medicine. According to Roux (2017), “the future of nursing practice is being transformed by multiple complex factors” (p. 120). Therefore, medicine needs qualified workers to develop the system and face all the challenges of the future. In addition, Mishra (2015) states that “acute shortage of nursing professionals paradoxically puts even more workload on the existing ones” (p. 414). Thus, the nursing career would be the right professional choice for those who like helping people and changing the world to the best.


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