The Community-as-Partner Model

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Healthy people 2020 provides an outline of the fundamental aspects of community health (Healthy People 2020, 2013). Analysts use the eight subsystems to evaluate a community’s well-being and to determine their social status (Lundy & Janes, 2009). The paper gives recommendations on the areas that need improvement to make West Allis a better place for everyone. The report employs the use of a Windshield Survey to gather data.

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The Eight Subsystems

Physical Environment

West Allis is a 14.11 square miles city in Milwaukee. A community water tower, a railway, a freeway, and fair grounds shape its terrain. In addition, there are geographic features such as a local recreational park, The Honey Creek Park, and the Wisconsin State Fair Park.


There are hangout such as the Pettil National Ice Center that is open for public skating, parks that cater for every member of the community, and The Thompson Youth center. Moreover, there is a locally owned ice-cream shop where the youth and children often converge. The West Allis area also has a centrally located McDonald to cater for the many industrial workers and schoolchildren. The area has numerous bars (Healty People 2020, 2013)..


The city has a public grade school, a public high school, a local MATC campus and a local Sanford Brown College. There is also a women pavilion and birthing center where women discuss issues that affect them as mothers (Lundy & Janes, 2009).

Safety and Transportation

The community residents mostly use cars and city buses for transportation. Other transportation modes include bike riding and jogging. The city officials keep the streets and sidewalks clean at all times. However, the bus top is unsheltered making it hard to use during rainy seasons (Healthy People 2020, 2013).

Politics and Government

The West Allis City Hall is centrally located for easy access. The City officials ensure that the community has everything needed to make life comfortable.

Health and Social Services

West Allis has a local daycare, an outreach center, The Gateway Medical Clinic, the Women Pavilion and Birthing Center, and a hospital that specializes in eye treatment. The presences of grocery markets ensure that the people have access to fresh and healthy foods.

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However, West Allis has few churches. The most dominant church is the Presbyterian Church.


The people of West Allis use phones to communicate. The well-maintained transportation system ensures easy movement and communication for the people.


There are industries and numerous businesses that employ most of the West Allis residents. There are businesses such as Marathon stores, Dollar General, McDonalds, and Pick n Save supermarket in the area. The area also has houses that cater for people of all economic levels (Lundy & Janes, 2009).

The Diagnosis

Negative Observations

The major industries in the area are in the middle of the community. This is a health risk to the people because of possible pollution.

In addition, the dominant modes of transportation depend heavily on oil and gasoline. The high oil prices put a strain on the commuters because business persons shift the high costs to the commuters,

The area also has many bars and fewer churches. This imbalance erodes the community’s morals. The littered streets also pose a health risk to the people.

Positive Observations

Most of the clean streets and sidewalks make movements easier for the residents.

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The numerous social facilities bring people together to interact. This is an economic advantage for the community. They also offer great spots for family recreation.

The Thompson Youth Center offers many health programs for the whole community. The numerous hospitals cater for all people regardless of age, gender, or race.

There also many service centers such as shops that are centrally located for easy access by the people.


Generally, West Allis is a wonderful place. The availability of affordable housing, water, schools and health facilities make it a good place to live in.

The big stores and new business ensure that the economy of the area keeps growing and the residents get employment.

The availability of numerous recreational facilities and hangouts ensure that members of the community interact with each other. In addition, the sidewalks and streets are good for cycling and jogging enthusiasts.


There is need to build more churches in the area. The churches would help tackle social problems such as alcoholism.

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In addition, the downtown streets need thorough cleaning to ensure they are not a health hazard.

The hospitals, schools, parks and all social amenities need to be well maintained to ensure the people continue to enjoy the services. There is need to expand the local hospital to cater for more people. Outdoor group exercises such as cycling and jogging need to be organized to help improve the fitness of the people.

More businesses need to come up to ensure all the graduates get employments and the local economy grows further.

Education stakeholders need to formulate programs that would ensure more schoolchildren graduate from colleges and universities.


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